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Triathlon bikes are machines with outstanding aerodynamic capacity, made of lightweight materials that allow them to reach surprising speeds. Thanks to their designs, they allow us to transfer remarkable power to the road and, in the hands of an expert, they can mean a guaranteed victory.

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How to Choose a Triathlon Bike?

When choosing a suitable bicycle for competitions, there are a number of considerations that we must take into account, especially since these tend to vary from person to person. Below we will show you a list of the general aspects that these bicycles have and what to look for when buying one that adequately suits your needs.

Triathlon Bikes Geometry

Geometry is another name for bicycle design. This is important beyond a merely aesthetic sense. However, triathlon bikes are often considered “more aggressive” in the aesthetic sense of their design. Generally, these bicycles’ designs present a slightly more advanced position of the saddle concerning the pedal axis, facilitating maintaining a more relaxed posture of the upper body and working more muscularly with the quadriceps. Besides, this more advanced position of the cyclist, and the fact of being closer to the handlebar, can allow us to roll in a more aerodynamic position and thus facilitate support in the triathlon couplings.

Triathlon Bikes Aerodynamics

Another factor that is extremely important when looking for a bicycle is how aerodynamic it can be. Triathlon bikes are much more aerodynamic than regular bikes, with the clear idea of ​​keeping headwind resistance to a minimum during high-impact races or training.

Triathlon Bikes Wheels

The wheels used on triathlon bicycles tend to have a much higher profile than normal. The bicycles used for other types of routes and races, such as road cycling, have a lower profile. Some triathletes decide to ride their triathlon bikes with lenticular-type wheels. The lenticular wheel is a totally compact wheel, without spokes, and that is used above all on flat terrain and without wind. However, most triathletes use conventional wheels to train. These provide more stability, greater durability and are considerably cheaper.

Triathlon Bikes Development

Development is another aspect that notably differentiates triathlon bikes from other bikes. The gearing, both of the chainrings and the cassette, is much larger on triathlon bikes than on normal road bikes. This very different characteristic in triathlon bikes makes a logical sense since triathlon bikes tend to roll on flat terrain, where the speed is higher. A larger development allows you to print more force in each pedal stroke, while Conventional bicycles have to be prepared for all-terrain. From flat to uneven, and even to climb steep slopes. This choice has a remarkable impact on the cadence. With a higher gear, it will be more challenging to maintain the optimal pedaling frequency. Simultaneously, with smaller chainrings and larger sprockets, it will be easier to sustain pedaling agility and ride in the best cadence zones for each terrain.

Triathlon Bikes Comfort

The concept of aerodynamics is not usually linked to that of comfort. They are generally terms with opposing forces since we will be losing in the other if we win in one. Triathlon bikes are much less comfortable and manageable than traditional road bikes. The position on top of them is very hard on the back. If we have back problems, suffer a muscle injury, or are just looking for fun, the best thing to do is buy a road bike.

Best Triathlon Bike Brands


One of the best specific bicycles for a triathlon on the market, its models usually meet athletes’ expectations without much effort. It definitely has a value for money that makes it one of the leading brands in this market.


This Japanese brand offers the world-famous NorcomStraight model. A bicycle designed for those who want to start competing in triathlon and want to do so with a bicycle created and designed especially for it. This bike for beginners in the world of triathlon sports has positioned it as one of the most popular brands during each athlete’s start.

Felt B14

This is an American brand that, together with Cervélo, is one of the biggest references in the world of triathlon. Thanks to their exceptional models and the quality of their products, they have earned a rather prestigious reputation in the sports world of cycling.

Beyond the brands, some specific models have become the favorites of competitors. Whether they use them in their factory version or modify them at their convenience to achieve greater personal performance. Thanks to the fact that these bikes do not have to comply with any UCI regulations, they have been designed to achieve maximum performance.


The CanyonSpeedmax has great prestige and reputation within the sport as it has won the Ironman World Championship for several years. The third generation of the Speedmax is a bike designed specifically for triathlon from the TT model. It uses a hydration system and compartments built into the bike to transport objects. The needs of a triathlon athlete have been taken into account in its design. In addition to being light and aerodynamic, it is practical and relatively comfortable when competing.

PinarelloBolide TR +

Pinarello is an iconic brand that comes from Italy, the cradle of two-wheel sport. The Bolide TR + is a merely beautiful bike. Its line is perhaps less aggressive than that of the CanyonSpeedmax. The image of the Italian is impressive: sophisticated, aerodynamic, and light. This is another bike that thinks about all the situations the athlete can see when competing. It also tries to cover each of them in a graceful and highly effective way.

SLiCK Factor

This may not be the best-known name in the world of the sport, but it is certainly a growing company that can become one of the leading brands in these products. The main feature of the SLiCK is the Twin Vane EVO tube that is also used in the Factor One road model. The goal is to achieve the highest aerodynamic efficiency and stiffness without losing maneuverability or control in the middle of the competition.

Boardman ATT 9.0

This bicycle model is aimed mainly at triathlon beginners, we could expect that we would not receive great benefits for a price range like this model, but nothing is further from the truth about this bicycle. It uses a carbon frame, Shimano group. 105, it also has Zipp bars. The total weight is 17lbs, making it one of the lightest bikes out there, especially for those who want to start their foray into the world of this sport.

Felt B Performance

Felt is one of the most recognized triathlon bicycle brands in the world. Its models tend to stand out thanks to unique characteristics such as the carbon of the frame and fork, the aerodynamic design, the group that it rides, and the wide variety of adjustments it offers the user. They have undoubtedly earned their popularity and prestige. The B Performance model is not far behind in terms of all these factors, being one of the most sought-after models in the world of this sport.

Giant Trinity Advanced

This bicycle model focuses on being, above all, comfortable. Even for many, it tends to be the most recommended within its price ranges. Its carbon frame has been designed with AeroSystemshaping. According to Giant, it improves the overall aerodynamics and handling of this model.

In short, these bikes are considered the best in their various particular areas. Mostly due to their high quality in racing and individual performance. Many of these are of high caliber. Thanks to the quality of their designs and materials, they were created to compete, and so that great cyclists can make use of these aerodynamic machines. In other words, we can say that these models are highly valued within the cycling world. Not only because of their low cost in reference to their good quality but also because of their prestige.

Finally, we can say that the best, either to start sports or for regular use, are these bikes. Its light, comfortable, and quite aerodynamic use make these models totally outstanding in the triathlons world They are fully recommended by some of the greatest athletes in the triathlon circle. However, we recommend that you measure and consider your skill level very well so that you can say which bike is best suited to your abilities. Some of the best models are expensive and can be too much for many riders. Especially those who are just beginning to venture into this world.

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