Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Torque Wrenches

Torque Wrenches

Torque wrenches have a number of uses and are commonly used for tightening nuts and bolts to the desired levels. They are regularly used in commercial garages, industrial processes, manufacturing units. They are also used commonly in homes wherever there is a need for assembling something using threaded fasteners. Though they have many common uses, not many of us have the right information and knowledge when we are asked to choose the right torque wrenches. Given the widespread use of this tool, it would be interesting to have some basic idea about the various things to be kept in mind while buying, using and storing it. We are sure it will help customers to have a better idea and therefore they will be able to get the best value for money out of it

Choose The Right Type

Although there are so many points one has to keep in mind when choosing the best torque wrench but we will try to cover few of them in this article. Torque wrenches come are available in different types and sizes. You must know which type to choose depending on specific needs and requirements. Micrometer torque wrench is the most versatile and commonly used torque wrench It is found in almost any mechanical workshop. It’s easy of use and versatile application is what sets it apart from others in the market. You must therefore be sure that you have a closer look at this type and buy it before you look at other variants. In most cases, this torque wrench alone would be able to meet most of your needs. Apart from this, deflecting beam torque wrench is also a wrench that has stood the test of time. It works by applying torque to a beam that is deflected rather than using a coil spring. This is known to not only improve the quality of work but also increases the overall life of the wrench by quite a few years. There are other types of torque wrenches available and you must have a look at them for special uses and unique applications.

How Top Store It Properly

If you are torque wrench is being used regularly, you need not wind it back to its original position. But when it is to be kept unused for a reasonably long period of time, you would make sure that it is wound down properly. Care it should be take that it is kept at the minimum level but should never be wound to zero. If you leave your torque wrench fully loaded for a long period of time, you could damage the spring. On the other hand if you completely turn the torque to zero, there is the risk of other components of the wrench moving relative to one another. When you use the torque wrench after a period of time and apply spring compression, it could lead to change of orientation. This could impact the accuracy and performance of the torque wrench. Therefore it makes better sense to leave a bit of compression behind when storing them for long periods of time

Always Look For Quality Over Other Parameters

When buying torque wrenches it would be better to stick to basics rather than going in for fancy features like LED display and so on. While they might add to the looks and ergonomics of the wrenches, they may not make much difference as far as the overall efficiency and utility of the tools are concerned. Sturdiness, ease of use, durability and longevity are some important aspects that should be kept in mind when it comes to buying these torque wrenches.

Be Sure You Are Buying The Right Size

You must bear in mind torque wrenches are available in the different sizes. You must be sure that you are buying the right size keeping in mind your specific needs and requirements. Size and capacity is measured by the amount of foot pounds pressure which you need to apply. It would always be advisable to look for wrenches which have less than A +/- 5% accuracy ratings as far as foot pound settings are concerned. In fact the technology has moved on and today quality torque wrenches come with an A +/-2% accuracy rating. Therefore, you must keep all this factors in mind while buying them.

Always Settle For Branded Names

The market for torque wrenches is quite competitive and there are dozens of players. There are many branded names and on the other hand you also could come across local brands. The local brands could be cheaper in price, but before giving importance to price over quality, you must be sure that you are not getting into the wrong end of the deal. It would always be better to settle for torque wrenches which are slightly expensive but you must be sure that they are from big names that have a proven track record and the best of reputation and goodwill. You should also choose only those wrenches which offer money back guarantee and decent warranty terms and conditions.

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