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While most of us aren’t aware of this, the fact that changing brake pads of our car is a quick and easy process cannot be pushed under the carpet. Whether you are a novice or a virtuoso, the whole process shouldn’t take more than two hours depending on the fact that you have the right tools available at your disposal.

Also, if it feels to you that your work is too expensive to spend on such trivial matters, consider this: you’ll end up saving lots of $$$ provided you are willing to change your brake pads yourself. Don’t believe me? Ask the mechanic to do the deed for you.

For, while the tools mentioned here – in addition to the brake pad and rotor parts – are anything but expensive, it is the cost of the labor which increases the cost of the whole project. Consequently, why don’t you just roll up those sleeves and save a lot of money?

Finally, before we go out and unveil the tools you will need to change brake pads, here’s a caveat: you might have some of them already at your garbage disposal units. However, even if you don’t, we will provide you with links to Amazon where you could get those tools at affordable prices.

Tools For Changing Brake Pads

Tools to Change Brake Pads

While your local mechanic might suggest you otherwise, we recommend that you should have ALL these tools before starting the job. The whole process could still go through even if you won’t have them all. Still, it would become a whole lot difficult.

Rachet and Socket Kit

Since you are going to fix your vehicle, it is imperative that you have a rachet and socket kit. They offer various elements but it is best that you choose one which has both metric socket and SAE. For, as far as domestic cars are concerned, they typically employ SAE socket. As for the imported ones, they use metric sockets. If you don’t want to gamble, better have a socket kit which has both. You can get it here at Amazon.

Torque wrench

No matter what type of car you use, a torque wrench is a must-have if you want to change its brake pads. For, without them, you won’t be able to apply the right amount of torque on the caliper bolt. Also, when you’ll use it, you’ll neither break the bolt by applying too much force nor will you leave it too loose by applying too little.

Talking about torque wrenches, they come in many shapes. Recently, the one in vogue is the electronic torque wrench. After predetermination of the torque level, you can program them according to it. There are also plumber wrenches which are designed for using on soil pipes and couplings. Then there are the beam wrenches which are the most simple and basic form. Lastly, you could have a deflecting beam wrench to do the job for you.

If you ask us, we would recommend going for the plumber’s wrench. Since your work is simple and you are not an expert, they would do the job for you. You can get them here.


Also known as the brake pad spreader, they will help you in pressing the piston into the caliper. Since they spread, the piston could also be easily retracted. This, in turn, will enable you to change the position of the piston after which you’ll be able to change the brake pads. There are other ways but since you are not an expert, C-Clamp is a great tool. You can get them here at Amazon.

Allen or Torx Set

You might require either Allen or Torx Set depending on the bolts which your car has used to keep the brake caliper bolts in place. To identify what type of bolts are installed in your car, it is better to take a picture of them. Afterward, take it along with you to the nearby store and the shopkeeper would solve the predicament for you. To check whether he’s offering you the Set at a reasonable price, you can compare the prices here.

Jack and Jack Stand (Optional)

As we have told you earlier, this is the tool which you might have already at your disposal. You’ll need it to jack up your car at the start. Moreover, while the mechanics don’t normally use it, we recommend using jack stands for your safety. You can get them here.

  • Lug Wrench

Just like the jack, you’d probably have the lug wrench in your car. However, they tend to be flimsy and can also strip the bolt head if you don’t know how to use them. Therefore, it is advisable that you buy a new one.

Safety Gloves

Regardless of the maintenance task, you are performing on your car, going for safety gloves isn’t a bad option. In addition to protecting your hands from dirt and chemicals, they save you from the nuisance of washing your hands in the aftermath. You can get them here.


Changing the brake pads is not a difficult job provided you have the right tools at your disposal. Now that we have unveiled to you the necessary tools for the task, we are looking forward to hearing success stories from you.

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