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How to Teach your Toddler to Pedal a Bike

For every parent, teaching their toddler of how to pedal a bike is always an uphill yet exciting task. When the child doesn’t know anything about this endeavor, almost everything depends on the parents. So we’ve prepared the below-mentioned guide for all such parents who are going to teach their child about this particular topic.

Step 1: Explain the Basics

For a child who is about to pedal for the very first time in his/her life, chances are that he or she doesn’t know a lot about the functioning of this equipment. So it is always beneficial to explain your child of how a bicycle works in a simple manner. Starting with the seat on where the child will set, point out towards the pedals before telling your child about the wheels. Stick to the basics at this stage as a lot of explanation won’t do much help for the sake of your own child.

Once the child surpasses the age of three, start telling him about how different equipment’s work. This is the ideal age in which the child can learn a lot of things and bike pedaling is one of them.

Step 2: Demonstrate Pedaling

By moving the pedal with your foot or hand, demonstrate it to your child of how the pedal works with respect to the wheels. After doing it by yourself, ask your child to rotate the pedal with the help of her hands or feet. Hold the bike up for her and let her do it for some time. In this way, she’ll realize about this whole mechanism in a simple yet harmless way.

Step 3: Ride a Bike in front of your child

Take a chair that is of the same size as that of the bike which your child is going to ride and then ask her to sit on it. Then sit in front of her and raise your palms to the height of the pedals. Then take each foot of your child in your palms and replicate the pedals’ movement by moving the palms up and down. In this way, your child will realize how the pedals work actually in a pretty convenient manner.

Afterward, take out your own bike and start pedaling in front of the child. Move your legs in a slow and steady manner so that the child can understand about the legs movement in order to ride the bike from one place to the other. Tell her that when one pedal moves upward, the other moves downward. So one has to push them steadily to keep the wheels moving.

Step 4: Take out your child to a Park

Visit a park with your child where other kids are riding their bicycles. Let your child see through her eyes of how children from her same age-group are riding their bicycles. In this way, the child will get a lot of knowledge from people which are of the same age as hers.

Step 5: Select the Bike Carefully

There is nothing more important than to select a proper-sized bike. Never go for the bigger-sized bicycle because it will then be impossible for your child to reach out to the pedals with her feet. Since the child is a toddler, go for a bike which is toddler-sized rather than going for a size too big or too small that her physique.

One way to make sure that the bike which you’re going to purchase is viable for your child is by letting her stand above the pipe of the frame. If her feet are comfortably reaching the underneath surface, it means that the bike of the proper size. Then there should be no hesitation in purchasing that bike.

Step 6: Purchase a Helmet

Just like any other vehicle, it is recommended to buy a couple of safety accessories to ensure the safety of your child while she is riding a bicycle. The most important accessory in this regard is a helmet. When it will protect the rider from suffering head wounds, the child will eventually adopt this habit of never to ride a bicycle without wearing a helmet.

Step 7: Put on the training wheels

When most of the children are afraid of falling from their bicycle at the first time of trying, a pair of training weeks can help them to get rid of this fear. So before letting your child ride on two wheels, consider using 4 wheels for her own convenience. Once the child masters the art of riding, take away the wheels and let her ride in a normal way.

Step 8: Choose a Grassy Field

Another way of protecting the child from suffering unwanted bruises is to select a grassy surface to ride. Even if the child does fall from her bicycle, such kind of terrain will protect her by acting like a cushion.

As your child is riding, hold the bicycle from the back seat. Run alongside the bicycle as the child is working the pedals in order to provide him with a sense of security. Once she feels confident, let go of the back seat so that the child can finally realize that she is good enough for riding.


There is no reason for purchasing an expensive bike for your toddler. Purchase one which has all the basics and then randomly moves upward when the child develops the necessary skill set. Another thing which is important when you’re telling your child about the art of pedaling is to enjoy the whole process. Because if you’re enjoying it, it will help your child to learn bike riding in a fast way.

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