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Cycling with Kids

For some people, the main purpose of riding is just to go somewhere alone while riding on their bicycle. But for others, this particular activity provides them with a decent way of enjoying with their family. Amidst the busy routine in everyone’s lives, riding is an enjoyable way of spending some time with your loved ones. When children absolutely love this idea, even your better half would like to spend some time away from the fixed routine.

However, a person has to take care a number of things before riding with children. One has to make sure that the child stays safe throughout this journey. Besides, the type of bike on which you and your partner are going to ride will directly impact your journey.

So if you are thinking of riding together with your family, here are some tips which will make this journey worthwhile.

Riding with Children

If you’re riding with children from the preschool, it is imperative to purchase a number of things to ensure their safety. Since children from this age cannot decide much by themselves, it’s up to the parents to pack them up with safety gear.


When it comes to the safety equipment, start with the helmet. Visit your nearby bike shop and go to the online marketplace. Make sure that the type of helmet which you are going to purchase fits snugly on your child’s head. Have a look at if the helmet is approved as per the European standards as it is an important criterion to differentiate a low-quality helmet from the premium ones.

Child Trailers

The child trailer is another equipment which can be a viable purchase while riding with the family. The trailer has the space to accommodate no less than two children. It can also house in the kids’ pampers and toys without adding much weight to the overall bike. The trailer will also protect them from the harshness of weather. So even if it is a bit expensive purchase, the child trailer have all the characteristics to improve your ride.

Child Seats

For parents looking for an inexpensive option in place of the trailers, child seats present an affordable choice. It is ideal for usage in better weather conditions when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Remember, most of the seats nowadays can carry the weight up to 20 kilograms. So for children up to the age of 4, parents can consider riding them in their back seats.

The seat will alter the way of how a person normally handles his/her bike. So after fitting the seat, it is heavily recommended that parents should ride with a sack of taters instead of their children. In this way, they can familiarize themselves with the new way of riding the bicycle.

Lastly, choose the seats with side panels which will protect your child from falling sideways. There should be feet straps to keep their feet in place so that the child cannot tangle her feet in the wheels.

Clothing for Summer and Winter Riding

When the sun is shining brightly, go for the clothes with having ample protection for arms and leg region. Since most of the children will ride in the back seats, parents should choose a summer-wear providing extra protection for their neck region.

As per the Winter-wear, parents should wrap their children to the maximum level. Even if there is a trailer attached to your bike, parents should never compromise on the intensity of the winter clothes. Remember, children normally get cold at a much fast rate as compared to the elders so dress them accordingly.

Trailer Bikes

The most inexpensive option among-st today’s bikes, Trailer bike can be purchased at a conveniently low price. It is ideal for children up to the age of 9 and having a towing arm behind it, parents can easily push it even for longer rides.

However, before purchasing any such type of bike, make sure that its weight is no more than half of your own body weight. It should have a mudguard and in order to make the most of it, choose quieter tracks for riding on the trailer bikes. They can also be used on the busy terrains but then it wouldn’t be possible to have a chitchat with your better half.

Safety Measures

Never leave your child unattended even if the bike is standing on a sturdy kickstand. Check the child’s laces and make sure that they are tied well. Before going on a ride, have a look at the bikes which you and your family is going to ride in search of a loose equipment.


Before going on to a ride, plan the places where you’re going to stop to keep the kids interested. One can choose a nice cafe for something to eat and if you’re taking snacks with you, choose a convenient place to sit and eat. Moreover, never ride too fast so that your family stays behind you for most of the time. Because if you do so, it will kill the main idea of riding, that is to enjoy with your family.

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