4 Things You Must Bring Before Going On a long Bicycle Ride | BikesRider

4 Things You Must Bring Before Going On a Ride | BikesRider

Who Doesn’t love going on a long bicycle ride, right? Here at bikesrider do we also love going on long rides? Of course, we do. I mean for god’s sake we are called bikesrider. But, a long ride is both enjoyable and dangerous at the same time. There are certain things that you must bring before you are going on a long ride. Without them your ride might get jeopardized. We learnt it the hard way. But, we don’t want anyone else to have the misfortune that we had. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of absolute necessary stuffs that you must bring with you while you are on a long ride.

Map or GPS:

GPS Cycle

This is one of the important if not the most important thing that is in this list. Be 100% positive that you’ve bought a GPS or map with you. If you are with a group, make sure that at least one of them has a map with them. It’s really easy to get yourself lost. Specially, if you are traveling to an area where civilization is yet to reach. A map or GPS will always help you find a way out. So, make sure you have one in your possession.

Repairing Equipment:

cycle repair tools

Repairing equipment can be a life-saving. It’s usual that your bicycle might get damaged while you are riding it. Specially, if you are planning on riding a rocky area. With some repairing tools, you can easily repair your bike and continue your journey. But, without any tool to repair you are more likely to hate the ride than enjoying it. So, never forget to bring your tool kit bag with you.

Water pot or Filtration system:

cycle water bottle

Long rides can be tiring and you might feel dehydrated very easily. It’s really not that unusual that one might feel thirsty after riding for 1 hour. So, you should always bring some water. Bring as much as you can. Because, you know!! Safety first. But sometimes it’s also a good idea to bring a hiking water filtration system with you. Why? Well, if for some reason, you forgot to bring a map with you and also forgot to bring the tool kit box and you get lost in a dry place. Then you will need water to survive until you get rescued. You might have 3 or 4 liters of water with you but, they won’t last long. So, you will need to rely on other water sources to stay dehydrated. But, if you consume impure water you might as well get really sick.

In a situation like this, a hiking filter will come really handy. Not only will you have safe drinkable water but also you might help others with their life. So, make sure you bring some sort of portable filtration system.

First Aid Box:

Bicycle First Aid Kits

Well, this is kind of obvious, isn’t it? It’s very much possible to have some kind of incident while you are riding. In the worst-case scenario, you might injure yourself badly. So, you can easily imagine how a first aid box will help you. A first aid box is definitely a life saver. Also, for not so severe injury, you will be able patch up yourself with some band aid and continue your journey (provided you have the first aid box with you).

Well, as mentioned and reasoned above we hope that it’s clear to you why these things are so important for us to bring before we go on a long bicycle ride. Hope, this article helps. Stay young and enjoy cycling.

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