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Talking about handlebars, almost all of them come with a firm grip which, in addition, to making them look clean, allow you to maintain a firm grip. However, like all good things in life, the original grip wears down after extended usage.

That is, no matter how much you take care of the original grip, it would require replacing after some time. This article has been written to serve you at that very time. With no one to turn to – as shopkeepers charge a hefty amount to tape handlebars, you’ll be all on your own.

Provided that you follow the aforementioned steps, tapping your handlebars would become a cinch. Don’t believe us? Read along.

How to Tape Your Handlebars

Remove the worn out tape

A no-brainer, the first step in binding a new tape around the handlebar comprises of removing the old one. All you have to do is to use your fingers and peel off the old tape. Also, some people might recommend cutting the tape as it makes the task a whole lot easier. Easier or not, cutting the existing tape might cause scratches on the handlebars. Hence, NEVER cut off the existing tape.

Remove the bar plugs

Bar Plugs are located at both the ends of the handlebars. While they aren’t intended to, bar plugs might become a deterrent to removing the old tape. Hence, if you want to remove the tape completely, just detach the bar plugs.

Remove the dirt from handlebars

When you have removed the old tape, you might notice some glue and dirt accumulated on the inner side. You might have to remove them if you want the new tape to last longer. Take alcohol and a cleaning cloth for this purpose. Afterward, sprinkle or just apply the alcohol and use the cloth to clean the spots. Finally, before moving on to the next step, make sure that the handlebar has dried. For, if you don’t allow ample drying time, the new tape wouldn’t simply last longer.

Amend the brake levers

Brake levers are that part of the bicycle which is housed in the curved portion of the handlebar. If you want the bicycle to stop, these levers are depressed. In order to make sure that they are adjusted correctly, make sure your eyesight is aligned to the bottom of the handlebars. You have to make sure that the bottom of each corresponding lever matches the bottom of each handlebar. Also, the side of each handlebar should also be level with the brake lever.

If you find out that your brake lever doesn’t meet this criterion, unscrew it. Now, adjust it up or down if needed. Finally, screw the brake levers tightly into their place.

Wash your hands

It might seem a benign tip but, in the long run, the cleanliness of your hands at that very moment might determine whether the tapes lasts longer or not. Also, if you want to be extra careful, wearing gloves isn’t out of question as well.

Tape the Brake lever

  • Detach the brake hood.
  • Place two strips of the new tape on the backside of each brake lever.
  • Wrap the brake lever a few more times to make sure it is firmly housed in its place.

Tape your handlebars

  • Wrap the tape around your handlebars. Move up the curvy side of the tape towards the center of the bars.
  • Make sure to wrap in a counterclockwise direction.
  • There is no harm in over-wrapping. This would make sure that all the spots are over taped.

Bar Plug to be inserted

From the last step, a small portion of the tape would have been left unused. Use it to tape the end of the curved part of the bar. Finally, attach the bar plug into the hole at the end of the handlebar.

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