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Have a bicycle? Good. Now, go on and plan a bicycle road trip. Why? In addition to taking you away from your daily worries, a bicycle road trip is a perfect recipe for sightseeing. Unlike that of cars and trains – where you see the environment while residing in your cozy seat, a bicycle road trip takes you close to nature. Thus, whether it’s scorching hot out there or freezing cold, you’ll be out there, on your own, bearing the full brunt of Mother Nature. Subsequently, you will experience life in a manner which would enthrall your senses.

Seems intrigued by the idea? Let’s go on planning your bicycle road trip.

How to Plan a Bicycle Road Trip

Step # 1: Decide your destination

This is the most important step of your trip. Decide where you want to go. Be it a hilly ride, a coastal trip, or a trip in the desert, pick the destination the mere thought of which fills you with pleasure. If you do this, I could guarantee that you would enjoy the trip as much, if not more, as the destination.

Step # 2: Break your Bicycle Road trip into smaller parts

For example, if you’re in Germany and planning to go to Sweden, two countries come in the way of your journey in Denmark and Norway. Thus, you should identify the suitable spots in these two countries where you’d stop to take a breather.

Even if your trip isn’t that long, you must identify certain pit stops on the way. In this way, not only your enthusiasm would remain intact but you would also see places which aren’t on your checklist. Consequently, your joy will be amplified.

Step # 3: Decide the type of bike

As you know, bikes come in a variety of types and their ultimate selection depends on the type of trip you’re going to embark on.

For example, if you live in a big city and want to see the countryside – with mountainous terrains and steep climbs, going for a mountain bike seems to be a good idea. With its huge weight, big tires, and stable frame, a mountain bike is the best choice for traveling on rugged, rocky, and steep roads.

However, if you plan on seeing the urban beauty of the world, going for a mountain bike is not recommended. Since they have a relatively huge weight, mountain bikes take a lot of energy out of you to move forward.

This is where road bikes come into play. Comprising of thin tubes, bent back handlebars, and sleek inner tubes, these bikes are an epitome of speed. That is, a minimum force on the pedals will translate into maximum speed.

However, if you plan on getting a road bike, make sure to have an additional tire. Since the tires have sleek inner tubes, they are more prone to going flat on the way. Hence, you ought not to take chances.

Step # 4: Clothing you’d need ( How to Plan a Bicycle Road Trip )

  • Helmet: No matter which kind of route you’re embarking on, a helmet is a must have. In addition to providing the obvious safety, a helmet might become a useful deterrent in case there is rain along the way.
  • Jacket: If the route could be warm, going for a jacket is necessary if you don’t want to feel the full wrath of the sun.
  • Cycling Tights and Shorts: For men, there should be a pad around the crotch as it increases the comfort level. For women, special tights are recommended as they’re moisture absorbent.
  • Shoes and Padded Gloves: Talking about biking shoes, they should be compatible with your pedal. As or the gloves, they depend on the weather of the route.
  • Sunglasses and food: Talking about cycling, it consumes a ton of calories even on a short distance. Hence, you ought to take a suitable amount with you.

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