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Ask bicyclists and the first thing they want from their bike is lightness. For, many people think that the lighter the bike, the faster it will move forward. Also, if you plan on going uphill on a bike, a lighter bike could make your task the whole lot easier. As, with minimum pedaling, you’d be able to cover maximum distance. Also, the grips of brakes on the wheels will also be greater, resulting in better overall control. Thus, if you have become intrigued with the above-mentioned advantages, below mentioned is a simple yet effective method of making your bike lighter.

How to Make a Bicycle Lighter

Replace the Heavy Parts

We all know that it is the heavy parts which wear down your bike. Replace them with some lighter ones and your bike could breathe easily. With this thing in our mind, we’ve decided to provide you some alternatives to those heavy parts.

Step # 1: Go for the Lightest Frame

Generally speaking, there are four types of frames with which the modern bikes are made. Since they form the base of any bike, frames are usually the most expensive parts. So, if you’ve decided to go for a new frame, your pockets should be deep. In simple words, you might have to spend a considerable amount on buying a new bike.

Now, if you haven’t been swayed by the “money talk”, let’s take a look at each of the frame type and how you could replace them.

  • Steel: If you are looking for a lighter frame, Steel Frames are a NO GO area for you. Although they are sturdy – which means that they make your bike more stable, steel frames are the heaviest out there. Hence, go for them at your own disposal.
  • Aluminum: If you are looking for a frame which has strength reaching that of steel – but is actually lighter, I’d recommend the aluminum frames. Also, being the most common bike frames, they are also less expensive than their counterparts.
  • Titanium: Generally found on road and mountain bikes, they are as strong as steel. However, in stark contrast to common opinion, they are lighter than aluminum. Subsequently, their price tag is on the heavier side.
  • Carbon-fiber: If you’re looking for a Gold Standard frame for lighter bikes, Carbon-fiber frames are a MUST HAVE. On the downside, they are a bit brittle. Thus, if you are not planning to climb a mountain, carbon-fiber frames would serve the purpose for you.

Step # 2: Change your wheels

If you’re looking for “Best Value for Money”, changing the wheels seems to be a good idea. In addition to emaciating the bike weight, they would make it more aerodynamic. Hence, depending on what type of wheels you currently use, you can upgrade to a lighter version with a minimum amount. Assuming that you use the wheels which normally come incorporated in almost every bike, carbon-fiber wheels, aero wheels, and tubular wheels might solve your problem.

While people might not understand it, there is a difference between tires and wheels. So, if you want to get rid of those heavy mountain bike tires, go for commuter tires. Being lighter, they offer light trails riding with minimum friction.

Step # 4: In your front gears, Switch from triple crank to double crank

When you take a look at the chain-rings – the area located next to the right pedal which houses metal gears, there are three cranks. Now, if you can afford to have one less crank, go for a “compact crank”. It would give you two chain rings. Consequently, your bike would lose weight.

Step # 5: Go for Aerodynamic handlebars

In addition to lightening your bike, aerodynamic handlebars would also reduce the vibrations which sting your hands otherwise. If you are intrigued by the idea, carbon fiber bars provide a good alternative.

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