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how to choose scooter

Ask kids about the mode of transport they love, and it is likely most of them will give the same answer: scooting. Be it a recreational scooter or a folding scooter – and whether it’s a two wheeler or a three wheeler, you would do well to find a 7 or 8-year-old who doesn’t enjoy scooting.

Keeping this in mind, we have decided to carve out a guide that will help you find the safest, sturdiest, and most fun scooter for your little one. Hence, whether he wants to go to school on it – or hangs out with friends in the nearby skate park, he will love it.

Here is the buying guide on how to choose a best scooter for kids.

It should offer a smooth, quick and quiet ride

To get your kid a scooter which can offer him a smooth ride, focus on the wheels. Generally, the larger the wheels, the smoother the scooter will be. It is because large wheels – apart from absorbing road vibrations, will pass over bumps/cracks more easily.

For a quiet and quick ride, apart from the wheels, you need to focus on the bearings. Yes, the wheels need to be bigger – but they also need to be made up of urethane because it is the material which will ensure a quiet ride. As for the bearings, go for ABEC bearings which have a rating of 5 or more.

That said, not all kids will like the bigger wheels, especially those kids who wants to perform tricks and stunts on their scooter. Hence, keep the needs of your child in consideration before buying him a scooter.

Longevity is important

No matter how good features a scooter provides, it would be useless if it cannot stand any abuse coming its way from the child. As you might guess, children aren’t known for looking after their toys, and they would mete out the same treatment to their scooter.

Hence, it depends on you whether or not their scooter will last longer or not. For this purpose, select a scooter which – apart from being lightweight, should be strong. In this way, it would be able to handle the abuse coming its way.

To fold or not to fold?

Apart from the usual difference – that of folding, most parents cannot recognize the difference between a folding and non-folding scooter. Put simply, folding scooters are designed as for store and carry scooters. Sturdiness isn’t necessarily their unique selling proposition.

As a result, we have often seen that the handlebar of a folding scooter cannot take as much abuse as that of a non-folding one. Hence, if your child has just started scooting, you can give him a foldable scooter because he won’t test it to the limits.

However, for growing children, we always recommend non-folding scooters for the simple reason that they last longer due to their construction.

Stunt Scooter or Cruising Scooter?

Kids have varying choices and when it comes to scooters, not all of them agree on one choice. For example, while some of the kids might like to have a stunt scooter, others might prefer a cruising one. If you and your child are unable to decide which scooter will suit him best, the following questions might come handy.

What does the child want?

In the end, it will be your child who would decide whether or not he likes the scooter you’ve brought him. Hence, rather than seeing his sad face in the end – because you have brought him a scooter against his wish, better ask him at the start.

How much are you willing to pay?

Manufacturers aren’t naïve. They know that stunt scooters are subjected to more abuse than the cruising ones. Consequently, stunt scooters are made up of heavy duty materials, which places their price tag above cruise scooters.

Put simply, if you can pay more, you can get a stunt scooter which would not only be able to stand up to more abuse but would last longer too.

How long do you want the scooter to last?

If you want a scooter that would remain with your child for the next few years, better get him a stunt scooter. For, while it would do stunts impeccably, a stunt scooter can also cruise if/when required.

That said if you feel that your child will outgrow their scooter in the coming years, better get them a traditional or cheaper model which you can replace with ease.

Will you carry it around a lot?

In comparison to cruise scooters, stunt scooters are much heavier. Hence, if you are going to carry around the scooter a lot for your little one, better invest your money in a lightweight cruise model.

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