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For the majority of people, the mere mention of “bike” brings into mind the image of a conventional, laid back bike. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, people ought to know about Electric bicycle, the way they make riding easier, are wind resistant and provide better range.

Everything you need to know about E-Bikes

Also, if you have ever faced knee pain while driving a conventional bike, E-bikes are a godsend for you. Moreover, thanks to their exterior appearance, E-bikes can also convince your dear ones to join you on a ride.

However, if the introductory passage led you to believe that E-bikes are everything which conventional bikes aren’t, brace yourself for a reality check. For, although they carry some additional advantages, E-bikes provide ALL the benefits which have made traditional bikes the darling of people.

Thus, if you want a bike which has numerous benefits, with minimum shortcomings, E-bikes are a MUST HAVE. Provided you need further convincing, below mentioned are some features of E-bikes which should lure you in getting them. Have a read.

They are Speedy

Unlike to that of conventional bikes – which depend on the force you apply for speed, E-bikes are VERY SPEEDY. In fact, while the average car travels at a speed of 18mph in urban traffic, a well-maintained E-bike covers a distance of around 15mph. Thus, if you’re running late for an errand, and looking for a speedy but safe way to reach your destination, not many people would bet against an E-bike.

They Allow Heavy weight lifting

In stark contrast to that of conventional bikes, which get weighed down by an extra pound of weight, you could load a weight as much as 400lb on an E-bike, and your speed won’t suffer. Hence, if you’re planning to buy a bike for commuting purposes, E-bike seems to be a good choice.

Riding an E-bike counts as an exercise

If you’re looking for the form of an exercise which is enjoyable as well, turn your sight towards the E-bikes. Yes, they assist in pedaling, however, according to research, E-bikes provide the same sort of cardiovascular exercise which is normally associated with a conventional bike.

They are cost effective

As suggested earlier, E-bikes compete with motor cars when it comes to the distance covered in a unit time. Surprisingly, however, E-bikes leave motor cars miles behind when it comes to cost. For, while you need to fill the tank with fuel, E-bikes are charged with electricity. Subsequently, they are much more cost effective than cars.

You can embark on a long journey on an E-bike

Depending on the type of E-bike you’ve at your disposal, it could cover a large amount of distance on one complete charge. For, talking about Elby E-bike, they can cover 95 miles on a gentle terrain when fully charged.

They can be easily charged

As long as you are not planning a round trip to the Arctic, you could easily found an outlet where they could be charged. Also, in stark contrast to electric cars which require dedicated stations for charging, E-bikes, just like your mobiles, could be charged anywhere. Moreover, if you have spent more initially, you could get an E-bike which has rechargeable batteries. Consequently, they are more convenient to charge.

In certain states, there are age limits for an E-bike

Unless you are of the legal age of voting, you need not worry about the age limit. However, for the younger ones, they might not be able to drive an E-bike. Still, many states have different laws when it comes to driving an E-bike. Hence, before spending your money on purchasing one, make sure you’re legally permitted to drive the E-bike which you’re getting.

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