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Want an E-Bike? Read on. Don’t know what an E-Bike is? Read on. Already have an E-Bike, but you’re bored and want to read about bike stuff? Read on!

You’ve probably seen your resident celebrity darting around town on one, a gaggle of fans in tow, and thought, well, that looks banging.

With the variety of electric bikes available in the market right now, there is something for everyone.

Read on and find out how you can hop aboard a zippy little beauty that will get you from A to B and turn heads while at it.


What are E-bikes?

E-bikes (or electric bikes) are a specialized category of bikes boasting an inbuilt electrical motor. The electrical motor complements the rider’s pedaling speed and cadence to help propel the bike forwards.

E-bikes utilize a rechargeable battery to power the motor capable of pushing it to a sweet 20mph.
Due to its combination of electric motor propulsion with old-school footwork, aka pedal power, while we refer to it as an electric bike, it is technically a hybrid. The politically-correct term would be a hybrid-electric bicycle.

Adoption of E-Bikes

Once a novelty item, e-bikes are steadily finding their way into day-to-day life. With better technology, smaller batteries, and extended range, we have to love the convenience and efficiency tech brings to our lives.
A couple of European countries have started replacing their police force’s traditional bicycles with state-of-the-art electric-powered bikes. Looking towards the East, China announced its intention to go green by replacing 25% of all internal-combustion motorbikes with newer E-bikes.
In Germany, 20% of all bikes sold were e-bikes. Belgium boasted that a stunning 50% of all sales made in 2021 were e-bikes.

Charging your E-Bikes

If you are going on a long-distance trip, be sure to spare a few minutes before your trip, break out the map, and plan your charging stops.

Be on the lookout for:

  • Coffee Shops
  • Hospitals,
  • Restaurants
  • Parks
  • Fire-Stations
  • Campgrounds

These places are likely to have charging-stations on-premises.

You can opt to do an online search for E-Bike charging stations; Google will direct you to the nearest one.

Batteries can recharge from any wall socket, solar panel charger, or through regenerative braking.

There are two kinds of chargers:

Full-Featured Chargers:

Full-featured chargers give you the freedom to increase or decrease your charging time. This feat of tech-wizardry is possible by changing the amp rating of the charger. Full-featured chargers can charge different battery types by switching voltage settings.

Fixed Rate Chargers:

Different fixed rate chargers offer different amp ratings with a maximum of 3 amps. A higher amp rate equals a faster charge. Fixed-rate chargers are preferred when traveling because they weigh less and are significantly cheaper than their full-featured counterparts.


It’s 8 am on a Wednesday, and you thought you were going to get a seat on the subway? Cute. Obnoxious people, disgusting smells, and pickpockets galore; don’t we all collectively loathe public transport

E-Bike and stay healthy

A study publicized by the British Medical Journal stated that “people who cycled often reduced their risk of dying by 41 percent compared to their peers who drove or took the bus”.

Get there faster

The E-Bike’s top-notch motor assists riders to reach speeds of 28mph without breaking a sweat. Couple that with the benefit of weaving through thick rush hour traffic, and you’ll be getting to the office way before your colleagues. That employee-of-the-month spot is looking mighty achievable now.

Go farther

More comfortable to ride and faster too, the E-Bike will have you pushing the limits of what you thought possible on a bike. The inbuilt pedal-assist smart-learning computer will calculate and add just the right amount of power to help you go further for less effort.

Save Money

Driving your car to the city means paying toll and parking fees. A one-off parking fee may not be much, but you will be surprised how fast “not much” becomes “too much.”

Parking a car in Manhattan is going to cost anywhere between $30 to $60 per day.
On the other hand, parking a bike in Manhattan is free.
We haven’t even factored in fuel cost.
Need I say more?

Electric Bikes vs Motorized Bikes

A common beginner’s mistake is confusing E-Bikes with motorized bikes. The difference between the two is vast, and they both offer up unique riding experiences.

An electric bike is structurally similar to a traditional bicycle. The only difference is an E-bike has a battery that powers a mid-mounted motor, which spins the back wheel. The mid-mounted powertrain is similar to how one would pedal a bike – kinetic energy from a central source spins the rear wheel via a chain. The E-Bike operates – albeit electrically – a lot like how a human would ride a bike.

A motorized bike is much more of a motorcycle than it is a bicycle.
Motorized bikes have gasoline-powered combustion engines compared to the E-Bike’s electric powertrain. Weighing 100 pounds and more – motorized bikes weigh almost twice as much as an electric bike.

According to bike magazine reviews, multiple riders claimed motorized bikes are uncomfortable to ride. For someone expecting the same feel as a bike, the experience a motorized bike offers will be flat-out disappointing.


Pedal Assist-20mph

Also known as a pedelec (pedal electric), when the motor senses you pedaling, it kicks in to aid the pedaling effort by boosting power sent to the rear. The rider can adjust the amount of power output by the motor.

Throttle Only

The rider does not have to pedal and is reminiscent of a motorbike or scooter. Just crank the throttle when you want power, and away you go.

Speed Pedelec/ Speed Pedal Assist-28mph

The speed pedelec is the fastest class of e-bikes available for sale. Due to its impressive speed, it’s registered as a motor vehicle. Riders will need a license to get on one of these.


E-bikes are not cheap.
As a prospective buyer, do your due diligence before spending a significant chunk of change on any particular brand.
Here are some hip brands and their respective price:
NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike – $1,599.00
Pinarello Dyodo eRoad Bike – $6,500.0
Santa Cruz Heckler Carbon CC R E-Bike – $7,399.00


E-bikes are fun and can be surprisingly practical in certain use cases. Whether for work or pleasure, bikesrider.com wholeheartedly recommends one of these bad boys.
Hey! they’re even environmentally friendly! A welcome change from the carbon-spewing, internal-combustion engine choking our freeways.

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