E-Bikes-Buying Guide

One of the fastest-growing segments of the cycle industry is the e-bikes. They are eco-friendly, fast-paced, comfortable, and takes less space if it is a foldable one. All these features make these bikes sales go double or triple-digit with each coming year.

Because of their thrilling performance, electronic bikes are becoming ‘go-to’ bike even for beginners. So if you want to invest in one for yourself but do not know where to start, keep reading.

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How to choose an electric bicycle

Earlier, around half a dozen companies offered high-performing e-bikes, but today there are hundreds of them. And because of this, you might get overwhelmed and wonder where you should begin. Let us help you out with this. There are two primary differentiators to narrow down your search, i.e., price and style. And for a well-styled and high performing electric bike, you indeed have to pay a hefty amount. Do keep this in mind. And after deciding on these two terms, you have to make up your mind which type of e-bike do you need. Yes, there are quite many.

Electric fat bikes
Electric folding bikes
Electric cargo bikes
Electric road/commuter bikes
Electric cruiser bikes
Electric mountain bikes
Other specialty electric bikes

As any cycle enthusiasts know that there are much more categories in e-bikes, we have combined the bikes in a similar group to keep it simple for the new riders.

Fat E-Bikes

These electric fat bikes generally come with 4″ or greater tires to make the bike ride up almost over any terrain. And this is why these bikes come under the fun category of bicycles. Let it be sand, snow, or loose soil; these bikes can trek them all. And, of course, you can ride them on sidewalks, streets, or bike lanes also.

As these bikes come with large fat tires, suspensions are quite rare to find. However, you may discover suspension forks in some. It is because the large tires absorb shocks from bumps and potholes and provides smooth rides.

Folding E-Bikes

Folding electric bikes are primarily in demand because of their less space taking specialty. When folded, these e-bikes collapse into a package form that is not much bigger than a briefcase. So if you plan to carry your e-bike with you while commuting distances in car, train, or bus, you have to fold it— no need to dismantle and re-built it.

The only down-side of having such bikes is that they are slightly on the heavier side than their same-sized e-bikes. Moreover, to make the cycle foldable without increasing its cost, some compromises are made with the component’s quality.

Cargo E- Bikes

If you are looking for a minivan disguised in the form of an electric bike, go for electric cargo bikes. But if you are looking for aesthetically beautiful or sporty-looking bikes, they are not for you, but they sure are way too useful if you carry heavy loads. The carrying capacity of the foldable electric bike is around 400 lb with a manageable size. So now you can get the why it is not pretty enough.

The electric bikes extra offer cargo accessories, such as bags, front cargo rack, and rear cargo box, and even child carriers, which are not quite common in other cycles. But to maintain the bike’s standard size, some electric bike’s frame is stretched a little at the rear to give space for cargo or a foot platform on the rear wheel side.

Electric Road/Commuter bikes

This category includes bikes ranging from racing to leisure to hybrids and even adventure bikes. Most bikes in this overall segment have more or less the same characteristics, such as emphasizing lightweight design, lack of suspension, narrower saddles, and forward-leaning geometry.

If you have taken up cycling as your hobby and love to leisurely travel around the town on urban streets, an electric road bike should be your pick. These bike’s efficient pedaling and lightweight frame options grant the rider comfortable and stable traveling.

However, if you search for a commuter vehicle, you should go for cyclocross or hybrid bikes as they are constructed with sturdy multi-terrain frames and have wider tires. Although these electric bikes appear as road bikes, they can easily tackle decent trail riding and tough city commutes.

Cruiser E- Bikes

Are you looking for comfort and style with effortless paddling? Cruiser bikes are just for you. With higher handlebars, plush seats, and forward-mounted pedals, these electric bikes will provide you with the right seating position to reduce stress over the arms, back, and legs.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric mountain bikes can make excellent commuter e-bikes for heading off-roading and trails. These bikes are generally lacking rear suspension, making them hardtails, but they do have a front suspension fork.

For some serious mountain biking, you will need to invest in a downhill electric mountain bike. These electric bikes can stand long-term usage and have long time durability.

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Other Specialty Electric Bikes

Apart from the above-mentioned electric bikes, some other bikes are Electric recumbent bikes, Electric tricycles, and Electric tandem bicycles.

Recumbent E-Bikes

In electric recumbent bikes, you will see a chair’s use rather than standard seats to put the biker in the laid back position, unlike the traditional bicycle. You can find the recumbent e-bikes in a variety of tricycles also. If you like go-karting, you will get the same feeling while riding this bike.

Electric Tricycles

For riders who have not lost their spirit of traveling because of any disability, or any other person suffering from a lack of balance, this electric tricycle is the best option to keep on commuting. You do not need much strength to stop this bike, unlike a two-wheeled cycle.

Tandem E-Bikes

If you are one of those people who can not be a loner for long and even need a partner in crime for their trips, tandem electric bikes are the one for you. It includes two sets of pedals and two seats and is an excellent choice for couples who love traveling. Moreover, when two riders pedal together, it requires less strength to keep the bike in motion.

Price Range

It all depends on you. Period. How much pro bike you want, what kind of bike you want to invest in, what should be the bike’s components and material, etc. All these will determine its cost. Nevertheless, if we talk about the price in general, it usually starts as low as $300 -$500 for budget e-bikes and can go up to $10,000 for ultra-premium e-bikes. The choice is yours.

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