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Cycling is the New Golf

As the golfing trips of Donald Trump might tell you – the businessman turned President spent 16 of his first 100days in Office Golfing, business associates love to be on a golf course, but not for the purpose you think. They are not here for the love of the game, rather, they are there to network.

However, treating Donald Trump as an exception, the trend has now changed.

Ask any modern professional, and he’d tell you that cycling is the new golf. For, while they want to remain in touch with other people, a modern professional is also more cautious towards his health. He knows that putting late hours in the office can have bad repercussions on his elderly life.

Hence, to manage work-life balance – and networking with other people in the process, more and more professionals are adopting cycling as their favorite sport.

Why Cycling is the New Golf?

For skeptics like me, the concept that cycling is the new golf didn’t just seem right at first. After all, how can a business professional – who has a fat belly and protruding legs, can adopt such a high endurance sport as his favorite pastime?

As I found out, there are many reasons why cycling is the new golf for today’s businessman. In addition to their desire to stay fit, a modern businessman knows the importance of networking. He also knows that his office isn’t the best place to build new connections.

As hard as he wishes to remain successful, a modern businessman wants to remain fit. However, he doesn’t have the time to spend an hour in the gym daily.

This is where cycling comes into play.

Max Levchin, Cofounder of PayPal, Explains why cycling is becoming famous

As the co-founder of PayPal told Business Insider, Silicon Valley is inundated with lots of successful companies which are run by younger executives. These younger executives, according to Max Levchin, aren’t interested in the “hit and pray” mechanism which golf is all about. You hit a ball and using one of the Best Cheap Golf Rangefinder, pray that it lands close to the hole.

Since they aren’t interested in walking slowly, the younger crop of executives wants to do “something physical, especially outdoor” to quote the words of Levchin. Another reason which he gives in explaining why cycling is the new golf is that you can quantify the advantage instantly.

Thanks to apps like Fitbit and Misfits, you can see what you have done when on a cycle. This quantification has set the ball rolling in the favor of cycling.

Golf is suffering

To a neutral person – neither a golfer nor a cyclist, the above mentioned words might seem daydreaming. However, when you compare the analysis of Max Levchin with statistics, they seem prophetic.

For, according to Reuters, the popularity of golf is waning in all fifty states of the US. As a result, the number of the golf course has decreased in the country for the past eight years.

Australia is also following America’s lead in this regard

Since the above mentioned data dealt primarily with the US, you might be lured to think that cycling is the new golf only in the United States. However, as data from Australia tells us, it isn’t necessarily the case, as Australians are also ditching golf in favor of cycling.

For example, according to a report compiled by Australian cycling group Bicycle Network Victoria, the number of Australians playing golf has dropped down from 1.3million in 1999-2000 to a mere 649,00 in 2012.

So, where are all these people going? You guessed it: towards cycling. For, while the number of Australians on a bike saddle amounted to around 860,500 in 1999-2000, it bulged to around 1,366,000 in 2011/12.

You can’t fake it on a saddle!

Golf courses are known for their beauty, serenity, and quietness. On the contrary, cycling is a high endurance sport. Put simply, you have to exert more to push your cycle from Point A to Point B that you have to while hitting a golf ball.

Hence, when you exert more, you sweat more and lose the tendency to fake it. Consequently, genuine expressions come forward and nobody likes them more than business associates. As a result, they get in a better position to judge whether or not the person they are talking to is capable of being included in their networking circle.


As the above mentioned statistics might tell you, cycling has become the new golf in the 21st century. Provided you are willing to take advantage of this trend, you need to keep a few things in your mind.

Firstly, while cycling, don’t make the sport all about you. Rather, ask questions and ask what the other people wants from the sport.

Also, while cycling might not allow you to do so, don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Authenticity is key so better keep your ego in check while riding on a saddle.

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