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How to Buy a Kids Bike

For every child, riding the bicycle for the very first time is always an exciting experience. This moment is much more monumental for the kids’ parents who want their child to learn such tricks at a young age. But for all such parents, who want to see their kids happy while riding a bike, it is important that they should be extra careful while purchasing a bike. With a plethora of bikes out there in the market, here are the important things which a parent should take care of while purchasing a bike for his valuable child.

How to Buy a Kids Bike

Step 1: Start with the Helmet

It is no hidden secret that helmet is the most important accessory when it comes to the safety of your child. According to the size of their child’s head, parents should spend money on such kind of helmet which provides a snug fit. It shouldn’t be too tight so that the child might feel restless but a helmet should be firm enough to stay on the head when a person is riding his/her bicycle.

Step 2: Consider other safety accessories

In order to make sure the safety of your child, there is nothing wrong in going with a couple of extra safety equipment. Nowadays, there are all sorts of safety gears available in the market, for the kids who are going to ride the bike for the very first time. Some of them include a set of knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. If your child is going to ride in the night-time, one can also gear with a reflector which can be installed at the back of their kids’ bike.

Step 3: Choose the frame of the bicycle

Even if it can cost a somewhat greater amount of money, parents should inspect closely on what type of material goes into the construction of their kids’ bike frame. At a time when one can go with the cheaper Material of construction, remember that it will add unwanted weight to the child’s bike. Hence, go for a lightweight material as far as the bike frame is concerned. For example, customers can choose from alloys of different metals which are specifically manufactured for the frames of kids bicycles.

Step 4: Braking Mechanism

It is difficult for riders of young age – as that of your children – to master a somewhat difficult braking mechanism. While hand brakes can prove to be a nuisance for your kids, parents can always go with pedal brakes for enhanced comfort-ability as well as ease of use. With a simple working, as the bike will slow down when the kid paddles backward, the paddle brakes is a famous choice for the debutantes of bike riding.

If you want your child to use hand brakes, you are free to do so. However, in this case, make sure that the child can easily grasp the handbrake and he or she fully knows how to use them in order to stop the bike. Because as far as the bike riding is concerned, brakes are an integral part of this particular technique.

Step 5: Bike with or without gears

When it comes to bike with gears, it makes it relatively easy to ride on the uneven terrains. With the help of this structure, riders can move through hilly areas without exerting much force as the gears work wonders in terms of reducing power exertion at the part of the bike’s owner. This particular mechanism is normally associated with advanced riders, users who have loads of experience behind them, so as far as the kids’ bike is concerned, parents can start with the bikes without gears. With the passage of time, as the child’s expertise nurtures, it is then when parents should opt for an advanced bike with gears.

Step 6: Second-hand Bike

Thanks to the 2nd hand market or the online marketplace, users can always purchase a quality 2nd hand bike without any trouble. Remember, no matter how good a child’s first bike is, he or she will eventually overgrow it. So instead of purchasing a new, highly expensive bike, consider making a purchase of a decent quality second-hand vehicle.

Step 7: Specified Wheel Size

For the kids between the ages of 4-5, manufacturers recommend a wheel size with a diameter of 12 inches. For slightly younger children, the ideal wheel is the one which has a diameter of 16 inches. As per the children between the ages of 7-8, a wheel worth a diameter of 20 inches is extremely viable. For all the other kids older than this age, a 24 inches wheel diameter works extremely well.


Never go for buy a kids bike with a size slightly bigger than your kid with the intention that he or she will eventually outgrow to that bike. If you do so, it can ruin your child’s riding experience and the kid might well give up riding the bicycle for the rest of his life. Because if you want your child to develop this useful hobby, put utmost care to the purchase of his first bike.

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