Best Road Bike Saddle For Long rides

Take a look at the Best road bike saddle reviews and you’ll find one major for choosing the best road bike saddle for long rides: Comfort. As long as the saddle isn’t comfortable, it is worthless no matter how much money you spend on it.

Our Pick:

GT ROAD Bike Seat

Bike Seat with Waterproof Safety taillight, GT ROAD Memory Foam Padded Bicycle Saddle

Does your road to office and/or work is full of bumps? Has your back borne the brunt of being subjected to numerous jumps? If your answer to these questions is in affirmative, this saddle merits your attention.

With an inner high-density perforated foam – which allows air passage in and out of the saddle. And dual springs – which take out the zeitgeist of the road bumps, it has the ability to smooth out road bumps with aplomb.

Also, while this feature is not common in saddles, it has a tail light to allow the driver coming from your backside to see you. The light mode comes in two types: Steady and flashing. You can use either based on your preference.

What We Like:

  • Smooths out road bumps with aplomb
  • An inner density foam makes it breathable
  • Wear resistant
  • ​Comes with a safety rear tail light
  • Dual springs are covered by rubber rings to protect your fingers

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not to be used without wearing professional cycling pants


If you have thick pockets, I see no reason why this bike should not be in your garage.


Signswise Lightweight Glossy Full Carbon Fiber Saddle

Signswise Lightweight Glossy Full Carbon Fiber Saddle for MTB Road Bike Seat Black

To be honest, this bike would have got the first prize from us but for the fact that it requires you to wear professional cycling shorts. If not for this, the Full Carbon Saddle for MTB Road Bike would have got a thumbs up from us.

Being the most expensive saddle of this review, the Full Carbon Fiber Saddle from Signswise is specially designed for women. For, this saddle is both long and narrow to suit the geometry of men.

To avoid the problem of slippage, it has been adorned with an abrasive fabric. There is nothing fancy in this fabric, just that it is a bit grainy to allow you to settle comfortably in your seat.

Also, if you want to buy this saddle, we recommend using cycling pants. This saddle has no padding and if you want to cover long distances without your professional pants, the journey might become uncomfortable.

Lastly, it is one of the most lightweight saddles out there. Hence, if you were looking for a saddle which is lightweight, this one merits your attention.

What We Like:

  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Coarse fabric makes it slip-less
  • Made up of carbon fiber

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not to be used without wearing professional cycling pants


Although I still don’t understand why this saddle requires professional cycling pants of its users, I couldn’t let this small weakness to sway the high opinion which I hold regarding this bike.

Also Great:

OUTERDO Bike Saddle

OUTERDO Bike Saddle Mountain Bike Seat Professional Road MTB Gel Comfort Bicycle Seat Cycling Seat Cushion Pad 27*15cm

Being a cutout saddle, it will make sure that the pressure in your soft tissues is relieved if/when you are traveling long distances. Comfort is further ensured by the cushioned padding which makes riding this saddle a joyful experience.

Also, if you see it carefully, you’ll notice some holes in the back part of the saddle. They make the saddle breathable, allowing it to transport air to make sure you remain cool while riding.

One negative aspect of this bike is the sticky material used in its cover. If you want to re-adjust your position, you might not be able to do it while sitting on the saddle. Rather, you would have to lift your back and re-adjust again.

What We Like:

  • A breathable design to make you cool during riding
  • Cut out to allow you maintain your posture for longer rides with comfort
  • ​Very easy to install
  • ​Gel cushioning to provide the plushest comfort.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not suitable for very long rides


If you are looking for a saddle that provides comfort for short rides – but is not that comfortable when going at longer ones

RockBros Leather Bike Seat

RockBros Cycling Bicycle Saddle Road Bike MTB Seat Steel Rail Hollow

With no offense to the above-mentioned saddle, this one is far ahead of it in terms of comfort. This is due to the fact that instead of going with gel cushioning, it has gone with foam. With foam has come additional comfort which will enable you to ride longer with minimum pain.

Also, to make sure that the seat lasts longer, it has steel rails. Although not as comfortable as carbon, they are the lightest and also inexpensive. As for its MOC, this saddle is made up of synthetic leather.

Both the saddle nose as well as its back are slightly perched to make sure you don’t slip while sitting on it. When added with a cutout, both these features combine to give you a comfortable and pain-free ride.

What We Like:

  • Lightweight steel rails
  • Both the saddle nose and rear are perched to make it slip-free
  • ​Foam cushioning to provide extra comfort
  • ​Long and narrow to suit men’s buttocks

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not suitable for women.


With its lightweight steel rails, an MOC of synthetic but comfortable leather, and a foam cushion to increase your comfort, this product is one of the most comfortable ones out there.

E-accexpert Bike Seat

E-accexpert Bicycle Cycling Bike Road Offroad MTB Bicycle Cycling Saddle Seat

If you are looking for a saddle which is soft, waterproof and has the ability to retain its color for long, this saddle merits your attention. Ergonomically designed, it has a cut both in the middle and at the rear to allow fit your buttocks shape.

Moreover, while the nose of the saddle is pointing downwards, it doesn’t mean that you’ll keep slipping off the saddle. Rather, thanks to its surface texture, you’d experience no slip at all.

Finally, while the saddle isn’t as comfortable as its counterparts, this feature – maybe inadvertently, contributes to making this leather lightweight. Consequently, all these factors combine to give this saddle a longer life.

What We Like:

  • Lightweight
  • Anti-UV and Water Proof
  • ​Comfortable with a gap in the center and V-shaped cut at the back
  • ​Ergonomically designed

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Padding isn’t hugely comfortable.


If you can afford to let go the obvious shortcoming of this saddle, it has many other benefits to make a place in your heart.

VADER ElecNova Durable Waterproof Bike Bycicle Road Offroad Saddle Seat

ElecNova Durable Vader Waterproof Bike Bycicle Road Offroad Saddle Seat for Comfortable Ride and Cycling

Looking at its material of construction, this saddle is made of weather resistant artificial leather cover, has an elastic sponge pad, and is integrated with a high strength metal rack. All these features combine to make this saddle sturdy

It isn’t the widest of saddles out there and a mere glance at it will tell you that. However, in going for an open back rather than a standard V-shaped design, the manufacturer has made it more lightweight than others.

As for the padding, despite being made of gel, it has an increased flex which makes it quite comfortable. Overall, when you take a look at its features and compare them with the price tag, you’ll get the best value for your money.

What We Like:

  • Fashionable design
  • Wear resistant
  • ​Weatherproof

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not the most comfortable


If it is rainy out there more often than not and you want to enjoy the rain while riding on your bike, this saddle merits your attention.

Bicycle Cycling Bike Vader Road Offroad MTB Bicycle Cycling Saddle Seat

Bicycle Cycling Bike Vader Road Offroad MTB Bicycle Cycling Saddle Seat

When you take a look at Vader Road Saddles, there is a large number of them available in the market. So, what makes it different? Firstly, the price. This saddle is one of the most inexpensive ones that you’ll see in the market.

Secondly, it’s the padding which has a gel cushioning. Although most people don’t have a favorable viewpoint regarding gel cushions, they have surprisingly made this saddle comfortable.

Thirdly, such seat fabrics have been used in its construction that no slippage occurs after installation. Finally, while the cutout channel is covered with a fabric, there are holes in and around that area to make you comfortable.

What We Like:

  • Inexpensive
  • Breathable
  • ​Made up of non-slipping fabric

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Seat is way too soft and sticky


For those of you who had trouble in the past dealing with saddles that just didn’t allow you to sit still for a moment, this saddle is a Must-have for you.

UShake Bike Gel Seat Cushion Cover, Bicycle Saddle Seat Cover for Women and Men in Road Bike Cruiser and Stationary Exercise Bike, Outdoor or Indoor Cycling

UShake Bike Gel Seat Cushion Cover, Bicycle Saddle Seat Cover for Women and Men in Road Bike Cruiser and Stationary Exercise Bike, Outdoor or Indoor Cycling

Being the thickest of the lot, this saddle – which is made up of the premium gel material, is one of the most comfortable you’ll get in the market. This comfort comes from two things: its material of construction and the thickness of the saddle.

As stated above, the gel has been used to keep the foam inside the cover at one particular place. It means that the foam won’t slid around while you’re riding. All you have to do is to adjust it once and it would be good forever.

However, being thick doesn’t mean that this saddle would fit the big wide seats. Rather, it has been designed to fit snugly the narrow, thin ones.

What We Like:

  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Being thick makes it ideal for long rides
  • ​Foam won’t slid around while you are riding
  • ​Easy to install

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Isn’t made for wide seats.


When it comes to long rides, there aren’t many saddles out there which are as comfortable as this one. Hence, if you are planning to have your own Tour de ’France in the coming summer.

Bikeroo Wide Bicycle Seat with Soft Cushion - Comfort for Cruiser, Road Bikes, Touring, Mountain Bike and Fixed Gear

Most Comfortable Bike Saddle for Women - Bikeroo Wide Bicycle Seat with Soft Cushion - Comfort for Cruiser, Road Bikes, Touring, Mountain Bike and Fixed Gear

If the price is not a factor in you choosing the best road bike saddle, this saddle merits your attention. Thanks to the dual spring suspension and thick padding, this paddle makes sure that no matter how longer the ride, your journey remains comfortable.

Secondly, it is NOT recommended for men because the saddle design is wide which makes it perfect for the women anatomy. Hence, while the manufacturer says that you can use it for men bikes, we don’t recommend it.

One thing which comes from this saddle being very wide is that it is very easy to mount. You won’t slid sideways while sitting on it nor will you experience any sort of discomfort.

Also, if you feel within the first 12 months that this saddle isn’t the one for you, you can return it back by activating your 12 months money back guarantee.

What We Like:

  • Comes with a dual spring suspension
  • Thick padding
  • ​Wide space makes it ideal for women
  • ​Very easy to mount, no slippage

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not ideal for men


Although not recommended for men, a saddle which is furnished with dual springs, thick padding, and wide space is ideal for any female rider.

Why do you need them?

To further this argument, we give you some reasons on why you need to spend your money on a comfortable road bike saddle. Take a look.

They absorb shock

Ask any veteran road biker and he’ll tell you that with cycling comes a large number of pains and aches. Although you will be riding on a straight road – which means that you’ll be forgiven the discomfort of riding a mountain bike, there will still be a large number of bumps and pot holes in the road for you to figure out.

Talking about the best road bike saddle, they allow you to navigate through these testing terrains via their shock absorption mechanism. The saddle will absorb the bulk of the shock, exposing your joints to the bare minimum.

Better workout

Most of us turn to road bicycling for workouts. They aren’t as grueling as mountain bikes nor as they as homeopathic as the hybrid ones. However, if you don’t have a padded seat – a must for any bike, even bicycling on a straight road will become testing for you. The best road bike saddle will take your attention out of the road and allow you to focus on your endurance, form, and strength as you exercise with your bike.

They will prevent saddle sores

The best bike saddle are designed in such a manner to make sure that they support your pelvic bones. That is, they are designed to make sure that your weight is carried by hard tissues. However, the ordinary bike saddles do not have this quality as they force the soft tissues in your hips to support your body weight. This leads to a feeling of numbness in your buttocks which is known as saddle sores.

As I’ve gathered during my reading of the road bike saddle reviews, a large number of people complain that their saddle resulted in saddle sores. Thus, if you are experiencing any such problems at this moment, it is probably time to invest money in a new saddle.

The Anatomy of Bike Saddles

Shell: That upper part of the saddle which is hard, forms its main shape, and decide whether or not the saddle will flex is known as a shell. The best road bike saddle – which are made up of carbon, are lighter, stronger, and absorb a lot of road vibrations.

Rails: That part of the saddle which enables the seat clamp to secure the seat post are known as rails. There are three types of rails: steel, titanium, and carbon, with steel being the most lighter and cheaper with carbon being the best.

Cover: Judging from road bike saddle reviews, you already know what a bike saddle cover is. That part of the saddle on which you’ll be sitting is known as cover. Although synthetics have recently entered the market, real leather has also been used in the manufacturing of covers.

Padding: In stark contrast to popularly held belief, more padding doesn’t necessarily translate into more comfort. Rather, it is the material of the padding which will determine whether or not you will be comfortable.

Channel: Also known as a cutout or a channel, it is a groove in the middle of the saddle to relieve pressure and increase the flow of blood in the sitting area.

How to Choose the Best Road Bike Saddle?

Now that we have covered various topics concerning the bike saddle, we’ll turn our attention to the features which alienate the best bike saddle from an ordinary one.

Gender is Important

With apologies to feminists, gender does matter on the type of saddle you are going to get. For, while the women bikes have a wider and shorter seat to accommodate women’s pelvis and sitting bones, men bikes have narrow, longer seats to suit their geometry.

Shape and Size you do need

If you are a rider who sits upright while riding, you’ll need a saddle which is curved and wider. Conversely, if you have a low position while riding, a narrower, flatter saddle will suit you.

To determine the size of the saddle, you need to measure the distance between the two depressions made by your sit bones. Afterward, add 25-30mm to find the width of your saddle.

Padding: As stated earlier, more padding doesn’t mean more comfort. While a thick padding will ensure comfort over the short term, a longer ride and it might end up putting more pressure on the soft tissues in the surrounding areas. That is the reason why most riders prefer thin padding.

Cut Out? Channel? Or Standard?

There are two types of saddles available in the market: one which has a cutout in the center to relieve pressure in the contiguous soft tissue areas and others which have are totally covered. If you are experiencing numbness in your buttocks, you need to go for cut-out saddles. Otherwise, the standard saddle will suffice.

Shell, Rails, and Material

As suggested above, there are three types of shells and the more you spend, the lighter the option you can get. Hence, if you want a saddle which is lighter in weight, you need to start saving money because the carbon saddles are very expensive.

In terms of rails, the most comfortable ones are made up of hollow titanium which provides additional flex to the saddle for absorbing road vibrations.

Lastly, the material of the saddle might either be leather or synthetic. Some professional racers have also added Kevlar on the edges of the saddle to stop wear and tear taking its toll. Also, go for a saddle which has a gripping material on its nose to prevent you from slipping back and forth while sitting.

Height of the saddle

To get a saddle of perfect height, make sure your arms are just an inch or two from being fully extended when you control the handlebar while sitting on the saddle. For example, if you have to overextend or under extending your hands to reach the handlebars, it’s a sign that your saddle height isn’t correct.


Choosing the best road bike saddle for long rides is a formidable job. Not only do you have to take into account the various features of each saddle – before comparing it with that of the rest, but you also have to gauge the bike through its customer reviews. Now that we have done that, we leave it to your imagination to pick the best road bike saddle for you.

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