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Best Road Bike Helmet

Ask any salesman to give you the best road bike helmet, and it is likely that he’d present you with a myriad of options. Repeat this exercise – in another shop – and you’ll find another large number of self-proclaimed best road bike helmet. So, how do you make your choice? How do you pin down one helmet to be bought? As you might guess, the answers to both these questions aren’t easy.

This is where this buying guide comes into play.

Instead of singing the paeans of one particular helmet, we compare the features of each one of those. Afterward, once we are done with that exercise, we don’t call one helmet as the best road bike helmet. Rather, we leave that choice to you because it is you and your needs that the helmet hast to satisfy. So who are we to judge what’s or not best for you.

Seems like we are playing ball? Read along.

our pick:

Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle black/grey Helmet Adult

Schwinn is the King when it comes to producing bicycles and when you look at this helmet, you feel that it isn’t longer that it would gain the same reputation in bike helmet industry. Not a women road bike helmet – it is unisex, its reviews tell us that this helmet is hugely popular.

Forget about the micro tag in its title for this helmet has an extended size range from 22 7/8 to 24. Add that to the 21 integrated flow vents – which will keep your head cool, and the moisture wicking pads – which will keep it dry, and you might know why we have selected it as the winner.

Also, if your commute is uphill – and you don’t want the sun to disturb your eyes, it has an extended visor which will provide additional shade while riding. In terms of fit, its adjustable webbing allows you to fit it to meet your requirements.

If you feel that these features weren’t enough, the Schwinn Thrasher has a dual fit adjustable system which allows you to fit it snugly with ease.

What We Like:

  • Inexpensive
  • Moisture-wicking pads to keep your head dry
  • Webbing is easy to adjust, hence ensuring a comfortable fit
  • Increase shade thanks to extended visor
  • Extended size range

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The straps aren’t the best in the market


If you can ignore the thing with the straps – or even if you don’t, the advantages offered by this helmet far outweigh its shortcomings.

Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

Although all the above-mentioned helmets had some qualities, they had one major shortcoming: lack of different sizes. This is where the Giro Savant comes into play. Offering five different sizes, it promises to cater the needs of the majority of road bike riders.

Looking at its features, the most noticeable one is the Roc Loc 5 fit system. Though fancy in name, it does what all road bikers demand: provide a customizable fit. Attached to the strap, it gives you five options to find the perfect fit using your strap.

In terms of looks – if you are going for my favorite matte black/white option, this helmet beats every other helmet. Combine that with the 25-vent wind tunnel ventilation, and you’d have the best of both worlds.

What We Like:

  • Comes in different sizes
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Easy to adjust thanks to the Roc Loc 5 system
  • Good for those having low ponytails

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The design of the straps is terrible, they turn sideways during ride


Combining good features, adequate safety, and supreme fit, this helmet is one of the best road bike helmet in the market. What’s more, you can even use it as a women road bike helmet.

KUTOOK Bike Helmet Road Mountain Cycling Helmet for Adults (23

A relatively new product in the market, this one has all the credentials to take it by storm. The first noticeable feature is the wind tunnel technology employed by this helmet. For, while all road bike helmets have proper ventilation, this one goes the extra step by channelizing the wind to reduce the air drag.

In terms of safety, the polycarbonate shell – when combined with the EPS liner, makes sure that you remain safe in the event of a fall. Also, if you are looking for a helmet which can be used both as a road and a mountain bike, this one has all the necessary features to be included into the one-fits-all category.

Finally, while its manufacturer hasn’t stated it in clear terms, this helmet can be used as a women road bike helmet. On the negative side, the face visor isn’t one which I would rate highly. For, it comes down easily and while road bike helmets do not want face visor, those using it as a mountain bike helmet might take offense from this shortcoming.

What We Like:

  • Comes with a wind tunnel technology to minimize wind drag
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Versatile can be used both on the road and mountain

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Front visor comes off easily


Though not the best of the lot, this helmet has all the credentials to fit perfectly around your head.

Gonex Wind Cross Road Mountain Bike Helmet, Bicycle Adult Helmet

If you are looking for a helmet which is adjustable – and fits a 12-year-old kid as perfectly as an adult, this one suits the bill. Also, it has been reviewed extensively so you don’t have to worry about its hidden features.

In terms of safety, this helmet is immaculate. In addition to the matte shell, high-density foaming, and a brilliant inner casing, it offers one extra inner lining (in the same price) to protect your head. Hence, safety wise this helmet is brilliant.

Good ventilation is another strong point of this helmet. Apart from the 28 breathable big vents, it has an anti-windage streamlined design to keep the wind drag at a minimum.

Finally, if your helmets get dirty frequently, this one gives you an incentive as it comes with a washable inner lining. Combine that with the nylon straps – which gives this helmet a perfect fit, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it.

What We Like:

  • Adjustable thanks to the regulator
  • Inner lining is washable and contains insect nets
  • Nylon straps provide perfect fit
  • Comes with a guarantee

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Does not contain a visor


If the lack of visor doesn’t put you off, this helmet has a lot of features to attract your attention.

Giro Trinity Helmet

If you were lured by the features of the last Giro Helmet – but was put away with its price tag, here is a helmet from Giro which comes with a size-able price tag.

Made up using Giro’s In-mold technology, the EPS foam has been fused with the shell, giving this helmet better structural integrity and less twisting around when you are riding at high speeds. This lack of twisting around comes from its Acu fit system which secures this helmet snugly around your head.

Moreover, if you are looking for a women road bike helmet – or simply one which accommodates a ponytail, the opening between the adjustment dial and the helmet allows this helmet the ability to accommodate low ponytails with aplomb.

What We Like:

  • Twenty-two vents to keep your head cool
  • Fits snugly
  • Straps work well

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not recommended for large size heads


If you have a medium-to-small sized head – this helmet is not recommended by us for large sized heads, cannot pay over the odds for a reasonable helmet, this helmet is worth your money.

Leadtry HM-1 Bicycle Helmet Ultralight Integrally Molded EPS Bike Helmet Safety Helmet Specialized for Road/ Mountain Terrain Bicycle with Comfortable Removable Washable Antibacterial Pads

In stark contrast to any of the above-mentioned helmets – none of which claimed to be a women road bike helmet, this one is advertised as one. Hence, for women, this helmet is one which claims to meet their requirements. We will see how it pans out.

All women helmets have one thing in common: the adjustment between the dial and helmet is adequate for ponytails. Thankfully, this helmet meets this criterion. Secondly, while the air vents are relatively less – 21 in comparison to 25 offered by other similar priced options, this helmet takes the lead in terms of its safety.

For, in addition to the general EPS, the inner liner foam contains considerable amounts of PVC and PC, making it effective against shocks and sudden impacts.

In terms of usability, the adjustable chin strap, rear lock adjustment, and quick release buckle make it a cinch to use. Also, if you want to clean pads, just split them from the middle as they are washable.

What We Like:

  • Recommended for both men and women
  • Has the right space between the dial and helmet for low ponytails
  • Inner foam made up of PVC, PC, and EPS, is highly durable
  • Adjustable chin strap and quick release buckle

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The helmet tightening dial is of low quality


If you are looking for a specific women road bike helmet, this one has all the credentials to deserve your money.

Gonex Bike Helmet, Wind Mask Road Bicyle Adult Helmet

If you are looking for a highly vented helmet, this one from Gonex – thanks to its 19 big, breathable holes, has all the traits to turn your head. Coming with a regulator to adjust your helmet according to your size, its inner lining is made up of high-density foaming to protect your head in the event of a shock.

However, if you think that the big, breathable holes will result in big, worse wind resistance, think again as this helmet has an anti-windage design to minimize the wind drag to a negligible extent. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can race on it, for it has its limitations.

Also, to protect your hygiene, it comes with pads that are very easy to clean and washable. Combine that with its light weight – only 270g, and you can get a brilliant helmet for a meager price tag.

What We Like:

  • Adjustable thanks to the regulator
  • Inner lining is washable and contains insect nets
  • Nylon straps provide perfect fit
  • Comes with a guarantee

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Does not contain a visor


If the lack of visor doesn’t put you off, this helmet has a lot of features to attract your attention.

Gonex Wind Cross Road Mountain Bike Helmet, Bicycle Adult Helmet

Yes, it does say that the helmet is for mountain bikes but for people who have tried it on Road Bikes, they experienced no problem so you don’t need to worry.

First thing first, this helmet has taken the concept of ventilation to a whole new level by providing 28 breathable holes. To counter the wind resistance which these much holes are bound to provide, it has an anti-windage streamlined design to channelize air flow in and out the helmet with ease.

Also, if you are worried that you might experience too much wind drag thanks to the number of holes, you don’t need to worry as this helmet comes with a 1-month warranty.

On the negative side, although this helmet is said to cater the needs of mountain bike riders, it comes without a visor – a must if you are mountain riding. Other than that, it’s pretty much the standard helmet which you can get from any Gonex outlet.

What We Like:

  • 28 breathable holes
  • Low wind drag
  • Anti windage streamlined design

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Without a visor
  • At high speed, wind drag may become an issue


If you don’t plan to do what this helmet wants you to do – mountain biking, it is a pretty good choice for the money.

Leadtry HM-3 Bike Helmet Ultralight Integrally Molded EPS Bicycle Helmet Safety Helmet Specialized for Road/ Mountain Terrain Bicycle with Comfortable Removable Washable Antibacterial Pads

Being the most inexpensive road bike helmet of this review, the Leadtry HM-3 has got some solid reviews in its Arsenal to force us to notice its existence.

Before we turn on to its features, one thing which impressed me the most regarding this helmet was its extended size range. For, while other helmets have a head size range from 58m to 61cm, this one adds two more centimeters by providing 56-61cm. Hence, if you have tried various helmets but none of them fit you snugly, Leadtry HM-3 is worth a try.

Now, as you might have noticed from its price, Leadtry might have employed some cost-cutting measures in its manufacturing. One cost-cutting measure is evident in terms of venting for, while standard helmets provide 18-21 holes, this one lags at 16. A remote difference but one which is important to mention it.

What We Like:

  • Very inexpensive
  • Extended size range
  • Integrated with dial on its rear side
  • Easy to fit snugly

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can experience wind drag


If you don’t want to spend more than $20 on a road bike helmet, this one merits your attention.

SUNVP Bicycle Helmets Integrated Casing Ultralight Adult Road MTB Bike BMX

If you are looking for a road bike helmet which has a plethora of certifications under its belt, here is a helmet which was manufactured by keeping safety in mind.

Look at its cooling vents and you’d instantly know that they are bigger than most. Also, the internal channels – which pushes the air out, are of considerable size. Similar is the case with its consumer base as the manufacturer claims that it fits “most” men and women easily.

Moreover, while this helmet comes with a visor – almost a must-have for any quality road bike helmet, you can remove it if you feel that it is providing no help. Also, if you ever wanted a more humanized design of belt buckle – or wanted to go with a DIY design, the belt buckle of this helmet can be removed and/or replaced with a ribbon to meet your expectation.

What We Like:

  • Adjustable helmet
  • Very lightweight
  • Comes with CPSC and CE certifications

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Expensive


Sometimes, you have to pay a bit *not much* over the odds to get a quality product. So, if you think that it is the best road bike helmet, the SUNVP Bicycle Helmet is worthy of your money.

Types of Road Bike Helmets

Gauging from the road bike helmet reviews, there are three particular types of road bike helmets which are popular among the users. Let’s take a look at each of them to determine which the best one for you is.

Fully Vented

If somebody asks you to visualize the image of a road bike helmet, it is the image of the fully vented helmet which comes in your mind. Prioritizing good ventilation and low weight ahead of all other factors, these helmets deserve your attention if you ride long and hard in hot climates. Also, for racers who do climbing treks, this helmet is also recommended to them.

Finally, if you are a racer, a fully vented helmet might not break the ice with you. For, since they allow air flow within them, the drag experienced by the rider is brutal – an anathema for a road racer. Hence, if you are a road racer, an aero road bike helmet might deserve your money.

Aero Road Bike Helmet

In contrast to the fully vented helmets, the aero helmets prioritize only one factor: aerodynamics, above all others. Consequently, most racers who do flat road races or crits choose these helmets over others. While they will save you time, aero helmets are traditionally low ventilation to minimize the drag which airs brings with it. Consequently, if you don’t have a fully vented helmet close by, you might end up uncomfortable.

Put simply, if you can put up with a helmet which is a little less vented and heavier than standard helmets – and are willing to pay more, aero helmets are an option for you. Still, it is recommended to keep a vented helmet close by for training.

Semi Aero

If you want a helmet which combines the less drag option of aero helmets – which providing the ventilated of fully vented ones, go for semi aero helmets. Apart from saving you watts, these helmets will also give you a cool head.

Generally speaking, aero helmets are designed for those who want the best of both worlds – such as aero helmets and vented ones but do not want to have more than one helmet in their arsenal.

Anatomy of a Best Road Bike Helmet

Road bike helmets – or any helmet for that matter, is made up of three layers: inner liner, outer skin, and a strap-retention system. Although each element is made to protect your head, the best road bike helmet go the extra mile in this regard.

Inner Liner

When you fall, the inner liner makes sure that your brain is safe by absorbing and compressing the energy of the fall. Inner liners are generally made of polystyrene foam, which, at the time of the crash, will go into self-destruct mode.

Put simply, when you fall, the polystyrene foam will crush and break on impact. Hence, after a serious spill, you should change your helmet no matter how expensive it is.

Outer Skin

Made up of fiberglass, plastic or even carbon fiber, the outer skin/layer of your helmet should be as smooth as possible. For, when you fall, the helmet’s main purpose is not to let the impact translate to your brain.

When its outer surface is not smooth, it will produce more friction, resulting in more impact per unit area. However, when it is smooth, the impact of the fall will be equally distributed throughout your head, resulting in a less serious injury.

Helmet Retention System

As you know already, there is a strap harness inside every helmet you might purchase. It consists of a knob system at the rear side of the helmet with which you can tighten the bands to fit the helmet firmly around your head.

Most straps are made of Nylon because it offers the necessary strength which gives your strap the necessary force to withstand the impact and not snaps on it.

Features to Look Forward to

Take a look at road bike helmet reviews and you’d be presented with innumerable features which distinguish the best road bike helmet from the rest. However, as you might guess, you cannot have both your cake and taste it. Here is a list of features you need to ask for while choosing a road bike helmet.


Apart from keeping your head cool, ventilation also keeps your helmet on the lighter side. Hence, while choosing a road bike helmet, go for as much ventilation as possible.


If you can put up with an additional ounce of weight and little more wind resistance, you’d love the visor. For, attached to the upper side of your helmet – just above your eyes, it saves your eyes from incoming sun rays.

However, not many road bike helmets have visors because the manufacturers think that since you’ll be traveling on a flat road, the sun rays won’t trouble you as much as they do to a mountain bike rider.

Full face protection

It is a no-brainer, but one which needs to be reiterated here to underline its importance. For, if you fill that there is a slight slope on your daily ride, full face protection would protect you in the case of a face-first fall.

MIPS Technology

Known as the Multi-directional Impact Protection system, this technology might add a few $$$ to your helmet’s price tag but it is definitely worth the extra price. Integrated with a low-friction layer, MIPS-equipped helmets allow the inner liner to rotate slightly around your head in event of an impact.

As discussed already, the inner liner absorbs the impact before compressing it. When MIPS technology will allow you to roll around your head, it will decrease the impact of rotational force to be transferred to your brain. Consequently, you’d be safer wearing an MIPS-equipped helmet than without it.


Your search for the best road bike helmet ends here. By combining the road bike helmet reviews with our own testing mechanism, we have delivered you the top 10 road bike helmets. Hence, whether you are looking for a men or women road bike helmet, this list is exhaustive enough to provide you with your favorite helmet.

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