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Best Road Bike For Beginners

Are you a looking for the best road bike for beginners? Want to schmooze through the town leaving everything and everyone behind in awe? Want a bike which, in addition to keeping you fit, saves you a lot of money? If your answer to any of these questions is in the affirmative, sit tight for you are in dreamland.

In the upcoming verses, you are going to get some of the best advice which will prove essential for you choosing the best road bike for beginners. We will sit on every saddle, peddle every mile and take every turn with you to let you select the

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Our Pick:

Vilano TUONO 2.0 Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano

If you were impressed with the quality of the Vilano Shadow Road Bike – but want to go full 21-speed, here is a bike which might suit your needs.

First thing first, this model is perfect for you if you are looking for a commuter bicycle because of its great support and brilliant features. Expanding on the “brilliant features” thing, and this is where the double butted aluminum frame material deserve the mention.

Although the frame isn’t extremely lightweight – the bike weighs 41lbs, you’ll love it for it imparts sturdiness and durability to the bike, meaning you’d never have to worry about your bike flexing under your weight.

Also, the Vilano TUONO boasts a 21-speed gear setting, allowing you to easily adjust it to suit your riding needs. For example, when struck in a traffic jam, you can make it a fixie, only to amp up the gears when you are able to harness more speed.

Finally, braking-wise, this is where this beast earns its money. Truly designed for road use, the brakes stop the bike in milliseconds, saving you from disaster.

What We Like:

  • Efficient braking system
  • Aluminum frame makes this bike sturdy and durable
  • Affordable
  • The 21speed Shimano Gear System makes the bike flexible to suit your needs

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not the most lightweight bike of this review


If you can afford to forego the weight of this bike, this bike ticks all the right boxes for a beginner.

Runner Up:

GMC Denali Road Boys Bike, 24-Inch

Whether you are looking for fun, for exercise, as part of an individualized training or in a group, the GMC Denali Road Boys Bike is a popular choice.

Although the design of this road bike is lightweight – since it is made of aluminum, it still has the rigidity necessary for challenging road surfaces. Another reason why its riders praise this GMC model is its longevity.

For, if you want to get a slim, aerodynamic frame, you’ll be depressed on seeing this bike. It is because it has been designed for real roads – and not for Tour de France, which demands this bike to be tough, and so it is.

Also, whether you plan to ride it in urban traffic or are going to use it to cover long distances, the Shimano derailleur, and Shimano Revo shifts will make changing gears a cinch.

What We Like:

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Has an adjustable seat
  • Despite being lightweight, the aluminum frame is rigid enough to withstand abuse
  • Alloy brake levers stop this bike in an instant

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The size range of this particular model is too narrow


If you belong to the 9-12year mark and want to have your hands on a serious road bike, this one has all the credentials to be your first ever road bike.

Also great:

Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike

Although this bike came to the fore back in 2014, its price tag – which has remained intact till date, gives a hint or two about its popularity.

As we asked you at the start of this article about your preference between endurance or racing bikes, the Rapido belongs to the former category. Although being a “fixie” means that it will tone your muscles automatically, this bike can do more.

For, since there are no derailleurs, the number of parts this bike have been on the lower side. As a result, maintaining this bike is easy because you don’t have to look after a lot of moving parts.

Moving forward, while this bike features a pivot caliper style in brakes instead of the more famous side pull, these brakes will work just as fine. Combine that with the lightweight aluminum frame, a tight alloy wheelset and a flip flop hub, and you have a serious bike in your hands.

What We Like:

  • Very easy to maintain
  • Pivot Caliper Style Brakes work well
  • Lightweight – weighs just 25.5lbs
  • A flip-flop hub allows it to seamlessly navigate through any contoured terrain.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Tires are seriously bad


Being an affordable, lightweight bike which is replete with quality components and is too easy to maintain, this bike can become yours if racing isn’t your favorite pastime.

Vilano Shadow Road Bike - Shimano STI Integrated Shifters

If you want to get your hands on a bike which offers controllable and precise breaking – without costing a bucket load of money, the Vilano Shadow Road Bike is the one you need to have.

The first feature which attracted my attention towards this bike was its saddle. How comfortable it is! As I found out during my first glance, it is the groove in the middle which makes the saddle comfortable. Hence, if you plan on covering long distances, this is the saddle you want to have.

Still, the best thing which I found out about this bike was its shifters. Despite being only 14-speed, it offers the shifters which not even most 21-speeds can afford. And that too in such a reasonable price tag. Good show Vilano!

On the flip side, this bike is simply a NO-NO for off-road travels. Do it, and you’ll come back with your bones aching and your hands stinging.

What We Like:

  • Cutout in the saddle makes it too comfortable
  • Shifters make shifting gears a cinch
  • The 6001 Aluminum frame makes it great for riding up hills
  • Very easy to assemble, should take no more than 15-20minutes

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not meant for off-road driving


If you are looking for a bike which can take you to and from work in good shape, I see no reason why this 14-speed bike from Vilano isn’t worth your money.

When beginners start looking for a road bike, the first thing they want to see from it is speed. No matter how much the veterans tell them that road bikes aren’t about speed alone, they do not vacillate from their viewpoint. If you belong to this category of beginners who believe in the need for speed, the IDS U 14speed Bicycle might be worth a shout.

Although the Shimano 14speed front would have been enough on its own to equip this road bike with speed, it is the rear derailleur – which allows quick shifts, which allows you to cover miles in no time, making this bike a darling for speed lovers.

However, speed is not the only thing for which this bike is famous. For, this bike boasts our favorite rim caliper brakes which will stop the bike on a dime.

Finally, the price of this bike is another thing which might attract your attention. For, despite being in the category of the best road bikes for beginners, its price tag is way too low for such a quality bike. Hence, if you don’t want to spend astronomically on a decent road bike, go for the IDS Unyousual road bike.

What We Like:

  • Has reliable brakes
  • Brilliant aesthetics
  • Gear changing is very easy
  • Whether you are 5’5’’ or 6’1’’, this bike is just right for you.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Its assembly is very difficult. Better hire a pro!


Once you go through the tortuous first phase after receiving this bike – which involves its assembly, it has so many features that you’ll forget the agony which it caused you up front.

North Gear 901 21 Speed Road / Racing Bike with Shimano Components

If you are looking for a classy bike which attracts everyone’s attention from distance, this amalgam of the green saddle, white frame, and traces of blue are worth a shot.

Starting from the saddle, it has a cut-out in the middle, hence ensuring comfort for long distance rides. Moving on and looking at the handlebar, it is just an inch or two below the saddle, allowing you an upright posture while sitting on the bike.

Moving away from the tradition, North Gear went with a steel fork for this bike which, in addition to giving this bike added strength, makes sure that it remains stable in cross winds. However, that doesn’t mean that this bike is heavy, as suggested by its 20’’ alloy frame.

What We Like:

  • Lightweight
  • Steel fork makes it stable
  • Has a front Power and rear Shimano derailleur
  • Nice, sleek tires which are best for open, city roads.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Adjusting the derailleurs at the start might require a pro.


If the features of this bike have lured you in thinking that it has what it takes to suit your riding needs.

North Gear 901 21 Speed Road / Racing Bike with Shimano Components

The first hybrid bike of this review, the Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance has got all the features to make it a success on your native roads.

First thing first, and as you might expect from a hybrid bike, it has got flat handlebars. If you ask me, flat handlebars are the best because not only are they easy to navigate for the beginners, but they also allow you to maintain an upright posture while driving, hence decreasing the chances of a back pain.

Also, since a hybrid bike ranges somewhere between the road and mountain bikes in terms of performance, the hybrid fork and frame of this bike will give you both advantages. For, while the hybrid frame will make this bike lightweight, the hybrid fork makes it easy for you to navigate the front wheel.

What We Like:

  • The Alloy Pull Cantilever V-brakes makes this bike perfect for both on and off-road usage
  • Comes with free pedals
  • Cut out in the saddle ensures long lasting comfort
  • Flat Handlebars ensure a comfortable riding posture

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Expensive


Although you came here looking for a road bike for beginners, here is a bike which you can use for both on and off-road purposes.

54cm Aluminum Road/commuter Bike Racing Bicycle 21 Speed 700c Shimano

No matter how hard we try to enunciate the importance of features, there will always be riders out there who will prefer style over any other feature. If you belong to that category of the riders, this bike is a godsend for you.

First of all, the one downside of this bike that I noticed is its limited size range. Unlike other bikes of the similar price range, it is recommended for those falling between 5’4’’ and 6’0’’ height. That range is very low when considering what other bikes in the same price tag offer.

To make up for this shortcoming, two notable features come to the fore: the Shimano 21 Speed A050 shifter – which makes this bike a darling for both city and countryside traffic, and a contoured saddle, which allows you to ride long distances on it.

What We Like:

  • Contoured saddle makes long distance riding comfortable
  • 21speed Shimano Shifters makes it suitable for both urban and countryside traffic
  • Puncture resistance offered by the tires is commendable

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Size range way too low


If you fall between the abovementioned price range – and feel like having this bike

Top Rated Aluminum Road Bike with Shimano Shifting, Galaxy SC1 Commuter Bike / Racer by Cycles Mercier

If you were left unimpressed like me about the size range of the 54cm Shimano Road bike, here is a bike to settle your nerves. Not only it has an extended size range – it comes in sizes small, medium and large, but it has a plethora of other features to justify its lofty price tag.

Looking at the saddle, it has two important features: firstly, it is contoured and secondly, the level of padding makes it almost perfect for urban rides. However, if you plan to take it with you on long distances, the optimum level of padding would give you supreme comfort.

Turning our attention to the wheels – and like the frame, they are aluminum, hence both lightweight and stable. As for the stem, its position is such that you can reach it without breaking a sweat. Similar is the case with Shimano shifters which are very easy to navigate.

What We Like:

  • Optimal padding makes saddle equally perfect for commuting and long distance rides
  • Aluminum frame is lightweight and durable
  • Stem is easy to reach

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Slightly new in the market, hasn’t been as rigorously reviewed.


If you feel like taking a chance – the features of this bike deserve much more than that from you, you can order this Top Rated Aluminum Road Bike.

Factory R140-700C 14SP Road Bike

Though not manufactured in the United States – the Factory Bikes are made in Australia, the R140-700C belies the notion that bikes made from outside the US are lacking in quality.

Starting from the Drivetrain, Factory has equipped this bike with the world famous Shimano 14speed. To make things more easy for you, it has equipped this bike with a Shimano shift lever, which makes turning gears a cinch.

As for the brakes, both the front and rear tire have been equipped with them and you can also find an adjustment lever in case you want to do some tuning.

While it hasn’t compromised on features, Factory has also taken the lead when it comes to style. For, while the front and rear quick release hubs are efficient, their anodized appearance attracts attention from the onlookers.

What We Like:

  • Comes with a threadless headset
  • Precise gear shifting
  • Brakes on both the front and rear tire
  • Anodized color hubs makes the bike stylish

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Way too expensive


If you feel that you can afford to pay the price tag, there is no reason why this bike shouldn’t be in your garage anytime soon.

Endurance or Race Bike?

Before we lead you towards the best road bike for beginners, there are some questions you need to answer. What sort of bike do you need? Do you need a bike which can slalom through town with minimum fuss? Or is workout your main goal with your road bike?

For, if you want speed, you need to go for the race bikes. By placing you in a lower position, they lower your center of gravity and allow you steeper angles which, in turn, provides you with quick handling options.

As for the endurance bike, while they are not recommended for urban traffic, they are much more comfortable if/when you plan on traveling long distances.

How to Choose the Right Handlebar?

When it comes to choosing the best road bike for beginners, choosing the right handlebar is crucial. Do it wrong and all the fun involved will go out the window. Get it right and you are in for a fun, pain-free ride.

When choosing the width of the handlebar, always go for the one which is a bit on the wider side. For, while we think that narrow handlebars provide “death grip” on the road, they do so at the cost of neck pain, hand fatigue, shoulder tension and jaw pain. Hence, always go for a wide handlebar.

For handlebar shape, I always recommend going for Omega and Ergonova handlebars. They provide shallow drop, short-shoulder bars which are ergonomically designed, and which allow even the occasional rider to be comfortable.

Put simply, choose that handlebar which allows you to reach the drop, without your knees touching your skin.

What to look for in a tire?

Before we go further, allow me to say one thing: no tire is puncture-proof, not even the best road bike for beginners have this honor. So, it doesn’t matter how quality your bike’s tires are, they WILL puncture sooner or later.

Talking about the dream road bike tire, it would be insanely fast, super light and impenetrable. However, as you might tell, no such tire has been made as of yet.

What type of tire will be best for you will be determined by the type of roads on which you’ll take it. For, if you travel frequently on off-road or gravel, go for a thicker tire which prefers puncture protection over speed or light weight.

Conversely, if your riding routine will be limited to clean roads, you can afford to go for a speedy, lightweight tire even if it offers modest puncture protection.

How to Choose the Right Bike Saddle for ?

Unfortunately, there’s no one thing which separates the best road bike saddle from an ordinary one. The number of factors is multiple and as long as you don’t take all of them in your stride, choosing the right bike saddle will be impossible.

Here’s what you need to know before choosing the road bike saddle

Cover Material

Unless you aren’t going for a hugely expensive saddle – which will be made of real leather, you’ll find synthetics materials making up the most of a road bike saddle. When looking at the cover material, make sure that any seams, threads or sticky bits don’t chafe. Also, for beginners whose bikes are likely to suffer crashes, a hard-wearing cover is recommended.


If you want to check out how springy a saddle will be, check its base aka the shell. There are many types of shell available in the market for many types of physiques. If you want to go for a cheaper but effective option, go for a nylon shell which is reinforced with carbon. If you have deep pockets, all-carbon shells merit your attention.


If you are going to cover long distances on your bike, go for cutouts. They are small grooves in the middle of the saddle which reduce heat and pressure around the rider’s most sensitive nerves and veins, saving them from going numb.


A myth which is very popular, but wrong, about padding, goes something like this: the thicker the padding, the more comfortable it is going to be. While this myth is true if you will take out your bike only on the weekends, it will prove to be false – and you’ll have to suffer the pain if you plan on covering long distances. If you want to play safe, go for a middle-density Polyurethane foam as your foaming material.


Rails connect your saddle to the seat post. While cheaper saddles usually have steel alloys, the lighter saddles usually go for either carbon or titanium rails. There are other saddles which rely on single rails because it makes them adjustable and light weight.

Rim Brakes or Disc Brakes: Which One You Need?

Talking about the best road bike for beginners, while some of them use rim brakes, others decide to opt for their rim counterparts. Having said that, there is a reason why most beginners decide to opt for rim brakes.

The first reason why rim brakes are in vogue is that of their lightweight. While the components aren’t different when it comes to weight, rim brakes require disc-compatible frames, wheels, and forks, making them heavy.

Performance-wise, while the exact degree of difference is debatable, everybody agrees that disc brakes are much less aerodynamic than rim brakes. Also, since their parts are cheap and widely available, rim brakes are easier to maintain and/or repair than disc brakes.


Choosing the best road bike for beginners isn’t easy. Not only do you have to take the features of the bike into consideration, but you also have to compare them with other, similar priced options. Now that we have done it, the onus is on you to go out and choose the best road bike to suit your needs. Good Luck!

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