Best Mountain Bikes Under $500

Finding the Best mountain bikes under $500, with excellent performance can be tricky and more problematic.

A well-performing mountain bike can go up to thousands of dollars. Admitting that a mountain bike has to deliver top performance on such rugged terrains is a fair price to pay. Although cyclists with mountain biking backgrounds go for top bike brands having luxurious price tags. However, for an entry-level mountain biker, you do not have to go that far. In recent times, cheap mountain bikes have been introduced into the market, and therfore for beginners, $500 is enough to get you going.

Best Budget Mountain Bikes  available in all sizes and shapes

Basic Requirements for Best Mountain Bikes under $500

Mountain bikes come in all different shapes and sizes. However, for best performance, you should be looking out for these essential specifics.


  • Aluminum or steel frame
  • 2-3x chainrings in the front with 7-speed cassette in the rear
  • 27.5″ or 29″ wheels
  • Air-sprung suspension
  • Mechanical disc brakes

Now let us move forward to our main discussion topic: best mountain bikes under $500, just for you.

Trek – Marlin 4 ‘2021- one of the Best Mountain Bikes under $500

Priced at MSRP $490, Trek – Marlin 4 ‘2021 is an aluminum-framed mountain bike that comes with a set of decent components for beginners.

However, if you fall in love with this bike, you can swap some parts with the upgraded versions. But, overall, the bike is perfect in itself.

Trek Marlin 4 seems to hit the bullseye with this model because it has collected the most positive comments and high ratings. Mountain bikers who invested in this bike proudly proclaims how the bike makes them feel unstoppable on demanding terrains. The bike’s decent tires and robust frame offer stability to the rider, boosting confidence to try new lines.


  • Shimano components;
  • Aluminum frame;
  • Mechanical disc brakes; and
  • 3×7 speeds

Trek Marlin 4 aluminum frame is lightweight and weighs about 31 lbs. Yet, it does not feel sluggish.

Talking about the components, they are pretty satisfactory at this price range of under $500.

The front and the rear derailleur is a Shimano Tourney. The bike gives you 21 speeds in total, which is quite a speed for beginners. This mountain bike comes with Tektro mechanical brakes, which require a little bit of adjustment. After tuning, the brakes will halt your cycle in no time.

If you are looking forward to having loads of fun riding through the mud on a mountain bike, so invest in Trek Marlin 4.

Diamondback – Overdrive 27.5

Finally, after a long, you have decided to get yourself a mountain bike to explore your surroundings. If this is the case, then we have a decent starter model for you. The Diamondback Overdrive 27.5, which comes under $500 is a great deal to grab on because with a little spending, you are getting a lightweight and durable aluminum frame with 27.5″ wheels, making the bike stable around the curves. A perk of having this mountain bike is that it is suitable for both short and tall riders.


  • 80 mm suspension fork
  • Aluminum frame
  • Shimano components
  • 27.5″ wheels
  • 2.25″ wide tires

At this low price, you will be getting a set of a Shimano Tourney and a Shimano Acera for both front and rear derailleurs, respectively.

Other worth mentioning features are the thumb shifters and the cable-actuated disc brakes. Lastly, 2.25″ wide tires make the bike perfect for any terrain.

Cannondale – Tango 6-Best Mountain Bike for Ladies

For just $485, Cannondale Tango 6 is a perfect choice for ladies. Yes, you heard it right. Ladies, you also need to hit the trails as well. Don’t you? And Cannondale is going to make this happen. Specially tailored for our lady friends, it fits all your needs.


  • 27.5″ wheelset;
  • 75 mm travel;
  • Women-specific geometry and parts; and
  • Mechanical disc brakes.

Magnifying your beautiful feminine side on a muddy track with these specifications is going to make you feel a pro.

Cannondale’s geometrical aluminum frame is fit for women as it is made up of a shorter top tube that tilts downwards, making it an excellent pick for women.

Cannondale – Tango 6-Best Mountain Bike for Ladies
Best-Mountain-Bike-under-$500-Cannondale-Tango 6-BR.png

Merax–Finiss-One of the Best Mountain Bikes under $500

For the people who exclaim that spending your money on a low-cost mountain bike will be a waste, “Merax- Finnis” is the answer. This mountain bike will cost you as low as $399, the lowest you will find in this segment.

If you are determined to shed some weight, then Merax Finiss is an excellent choice for you. It can bear up to 330 pounds without any hassle.


  • 26″ wheels
  • 80 mm suspension fork
  • Aluminum frame
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • 330 lbs max weight to withstand

Merax Finiss has well-balanced 26″ wheels, a suspended fork with 80mm of travel, and an aluminum frame that will provide you with comfort on bumpy rides. Moreover, being cheap did not compromise its safety. This mountain bike comes with mechanical disc brakes and therefore a great catch at this price range. For first-timers with budget constraints, this bike is the best buy.

Raleigh–Talus 1

Raleigh is a renowned company in the cycling world and therefore has come up with the Raleigh- Talus 1 mountain bike. For our first-timer friends or friends having a tight budget, this mountain bike is the best buy for entering the Cycling world. Coming at the price range of MSRP $430, so you are getting a good quality mountain bike. This good-looking and sturdy aluminum bike comes with:


  • 2.25″ tires
  • 100mm front suspension
  • ALUXX-grade aluminum frame
  • 27.5″ or 29″ wheels

This ergonomically designed mountain bike has a 100 mm suspension fork and therefore makes it best suited to your body. A high-quality ALUXX-grade aluminum frame that you get at this price is a part of expensive models.

Therefore, investing in this bike would not be a loss.

Are you looking for one of the Best Mountain Bikes under $500

Remember that the best mountain bikes under $500 come in all shapes, sizes, and different price ranges. But there are many amazing ones which are available within your budget. To own a mountain bike at a reasonable price is now more comfortable, thanks to these affordable mountain bike models. As you can see in the listing above, and therefore being cheap is not at all equal to having a bad quality.

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