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Best Hybrid Bikes For Men

Hybrid Bikes and men seem like a match made in heaven. In addition to keeping you fit, strong, and healthy, the hybrid bikes allow you to do their daily chores in record time. Moreover, if you want to save money and don’t know where to cut corners, switching from your automobile to the aforementioned best hybrid bikes for men seems to be a good choice.

Finally, if you believe that you don’t need any of the above-mentioned things in your life, hybrid bikes, thanks to their suspension, make on and off-road traveling a pleasure.

Our favorite hybrid bike

After taking a look at the various factors which we kept supreme in our selection of the best hybrid bikes for men, I’ve no choice but to give my vote of confidence to the Schwinn Capital 700c Men. This bike is a brilliant amalgam of comfort, quality, and price. 

It provides comfort thanks to its super quality soft hybrid seat, and a suspension fork on the front wheel. As for the quality, the Schwinn hybrid aluminum frame, when combined with the Shimano 21-speed EZ-fire shifters, ensures just that. As for the price tag, while this bike is certainly not the cheapest in the world, it deserves the money of the buyer.

What is a Hybrid Bike?

Although they are not as old as road or mountain bikes, hybrid bikes have eclipsed both of them with their sales. This is due to the fact that hybrid bikes combine the best features of both those bikes while leaving out the rest.

Similar to that of mountain bikes, the best hybrid bikes for men come with an upright frame. These frames would make your ride comfortable, even on long rides. Moreover, by reducing the possibility of muscle strains of neck and back areas, hybrid bikes seem to have eradicated a major factor which has led to the downfall of mountain bikes.

Also, these bikes have wider tires that what you are likely to get from other models. Consequently, these bikes provide better stability and traction even on rough trails. However, if you feel that wider tires would hinder the bike speed, the lighter rims suggest otherwise.

As a result, due to the negligible weight of rims, tall gearing mechanism, and lighter components, hybrid bikes allow you to go at one throttle.

Summing up the ideas, hybrid bikes allow you great speed, stability, and comfortable riding, all at the same time. Thus, if you want any of these features from your next bike, going for the best hybrid bikes for men is a must-have!

Factors to consider while choosing best hybrid bikes for men


While this article is restricted to providing you the best hybrid bikes, choosing the right size is imperative, regardless of the type of hybrid bike you’re planning to buy. Apart from providing you comfort, choosing a rightly sized bike is also crucial for your safety. Below mentioned are some benefits which you could get after getting a correctly sized bike:

- They would improve your overall comfort.

- No cycling-induced injuries which typically arise from repetitive motions.

- Prevent or reduce knee, back, and wrist pain.

- Prevents or reduces the risk of hot foot.

- No numbness in hands and fingers.

- Prevent or reduce saddle discomfort.

Price or Quality

If you have the time to read this article, you’ll end up with a hybrid bike which would provide the best value for money. However, if you want to go the shop to find the hybrid bikes yourself, best make a checklist of things which you want to see on your bike.

Afterward, take a look at the hybrid bikes which provide the features which you’d like to see. By doing so, you’d be able to draw a comparison between bikes which offer the intended features. This should give you a glimpse between the quality Vs price.

Riding Style

Most of the time, when people go for a new bike, they only look at its features and the price tag. Consequently, while they end up with a bike of their dreams, the bike fails to fit their riding style.

To prevent this from happening, go for a bike which suits your riding style. For example, if you’re not planning to cover huge distances on your bike, go for a bike which has few gears, simple tires, and no high-tech features.

However, if you feel that your bike, in addition to carrying you to and fro, should also impress your neighbors, going for the above-mentioned bike might not seem reasonable. Hence, go for a bike which provides extended gears, has upright handlebars, top of the arc suspension, and thick tires with lightweight rims.

As you might guess, all these features will make your bike costly. However, you should also know that nothing worthwhile comes for free.


If you ask any of the “former” cyclists about the reason they give up cycling, many of them would point to a similar factor: back pain. With no disrespect to these cyclists, most of them don’t know the reason of the recurring back pain: the handlebars.

Thus, in order to save you from the pains, the best hybrid bikes of men, most of the time, come with upright and bent-back handlebars. By reducing the distance between your shoulders and the front frame – in addition to allowing you to sit upright, these bikes would solve the problem which is a major turning-off factor for major cyclists.

Brand New or Second Hand

If you’re low on money, going for a second-hand hybrid bike could be a shrewd piece of business. This is due to the fact that most bikes – whether hybrid or otherwise, have a poor resale value. Consequently, you could get a used bike for nuts.

However, as you might guess from the price tag, you won’t get immaculate components from used hybrid bikes. Therefore, while you’d pay little money upfront, used bikes WILL cost you more in the long run.


Typically, the best hybrid bikes for men come with two types of tires: 700cc and 40-50cc. The former type will take you seamlessly through the roads. Moreover, if your ride is going to be bumpy, you need these tires as they, thanks to their structure, would make your ride a cinch.

However, if your riding route is simple and void of any such “factors”, going for the 40-50cc tires might save you a bit of money.

7 Best Hybrid Bikes For Men

Having sorted out various queries regarding the hybrid bikes, let’s take a look at the best hybrid bikes for men.

Schwinn Capital 700c Men's, Medium frame size, gray

Schwinn Capital 700c Men's Hybrid Bicycle, Medium frame size, gray

There are two types of hybrid bikes which are available in the market: Schwinn and others. As evinced by the response Schwinn bikes get from the customers, it is safe to say that you’ve nothing to lose if you opt for a Schwinn bike.

First of all, the Schwinn capital comes with a Schwinn hybrid frame, a concept which the bike manufacturer has epitomized in the last few years. Thanks to their suspension forks, the Schwinn hybrid frames provide a brilliant amalgam of comfort and efficiency. Moreover, since they’re lightweight and rust resistant, these frames would last for ages.

Secondly, if you’re looking for a bike which provides precise gear shifting, the Shimano 21 speed fire shifters deserve your attention. As suggested by their name, the “fire” shifters will allow you to seamlessly change the gears.

Adopting another trademark of Schwinn, this bike comes with a front and rear Alloy V brakes. While these brakes don’t provide the same quality as disc brakes, they allow your bike to stop securely.

Finally, if you’re concerned about comfort, this bike is integrated with a soft hybrid seat. This hybrid seat is made up of springs which absorb the shocks your seat could be exposed to midway through the journey. Moreover, due to the suspension and the seat posts, this seat would ensure ultimate comfort throughout the journey.


  • Efficient and comfortable riding.
  • Rust free frame.
  • Comfortable soft hybrid seat thanks to suspension.
  • Lightweight rims.


  • Brakes might need adjusting in the long run.


These days, you won’t get many hybrid bikes which come under $500. However, in the shape of Schwinn Capital 700c, you’re getting one.

Mongoose Men's Banish 2.0, White, 18-Inch/Medium

Mongoose Men's Banish 2.0 Hybrid Bike, White, 18-Inch/Medium

If you have a bad experience with the traditional hybrid bikes – and want to go for a new brand, Mongoose has provided you with a delicious opportunity. Costing just above $250, this bike has been a brilliant effort from the bike manufacturer to break into the hybrid bike market.

Looking at its frame and it seems that Mongoose has lent the idea from the bigger brands. With a lightweight aluminum frame, this bike will provide you with all the comfort of any high-tech hybrid bike. Moreover, with a front shock, Mongoose have made sure to elevate the comfort levels.

Another feature of this bike – which would turn heads, is the black alloy wheels. Though merely a superficial feature, the black tires will make sure that your neighborhood knows that a new bike is in town.

One feature of this bike, at which it has left the most modern bikes behind, is the front and disc rear brakes. Whether you’re going through muddy trails, mountainous terrains, or a paved road, this brakes would prove to be equally effective.

This bike has been integrated with 3-piece cranks and beach cruiser pedals. As you might guess from its name, the beach “cruiser” pedals will make sure that you cruise through the neighborhood at extreme speed.

Finally, if you’re looking for a sturdy ride, you need to give this bike a ride.


  • Safe stopping due to disc brakes.
  • Greater speed due to lightweight frame and cruiser pedals.
  • Beautiful black alloy wheels.
  • You don’t need any further adjustments.


  • Assembling this bike might take some time.


A far cry from the traditional hybrid bikes, this bike offers a reprieve to those persons who don’t want to have the famous brands.

Polygon Bikes Heist, White, 53cm/Medium

Polygon Bikes Heist 1 53 53 Hybrid Bicycle, White, 53cm/Medium

Another new name in the hybrid bike industry, the 53cm, medium hybrid bicycle from Polygon comes third on our list. Before dishing out its features, let me tell you that this bike, similar to the above-mentioned bikes, won’t cost you much. Hence, the price factor has been covered.

On to the comfort factor, the SR Suntour nex fork absorbs bumps, both on the road and off it. Though a far cry from suspension, this fork is one of the best alternatives which you could find to a high-tech suspension. In addition to the comfort which they provide, the best thing about this fork is its price tag. Despite providing all the utilities which are usually associated with suspensions, these forks are inexpensive.

Moreover, as you might guess from its “medium” size, this bike has been decorated with a drivetrain. For those of you who don’t know it, the drivetrain is nothing but 21-gear speed mechanism. Hence, this bike is best for off-road visits.

Finally, Polygon has decided to take a brave step by going for the alloy frame. Made up of a lightweight Alu-tech alloy, this slightly inclined frame will serve the purpose.

One area of this bike where Polygon could have done better is the handlebars. Instead of providing the bent-back handlebars – which are the norm these days, Polygon has gone for square shaped ones. While these handlebars would have no impact on your speed, they might induce muscle pains in long journeys.


  • A Drivetrain for higher speeds.
  • A nex Fork which absorbs road bumps.
  • Stylish style.
  • Lightweight alloy frame.


  • Handlebars might induce back pain.


Though not my favorite bike, you need to make minor changes to this bike to make it your best ever.

Schwinn Men's Voyager 3 700C Wheel 

Schwinn Men's Voyager 3 700C Wheel Hybrid Bicycle

What’s the first thing which comes to your mind when you think of a Schwinn hybrid bike? Of course, an aluminum frame. However, with this bike, Schwinn seems to have broken the stereotypes. Despite the fact that it is new-fashioned, this bike won’t cost you much. Moreover, depending on your size, this bike might also cause you less than $200.

In order to provide functionality, versatility, and upright geometry, Schwinn has gone for a 700c steel frame in this bike. In addition to being durable, this frame allows you to mount fenders and racks, hence increasing its functionality.

Moreover, while this bike doesn’t contain the famous Schwinn suspension, it contains a Schwinn right steel fork. As you might guess, this steel fork might reduce the utility of this bike. That is, while you could drive on overtly steep trails with the suspension, the steel fork would only allow you to handle moderately steep trails.

As for the gear speed mechanism, this bike is supplied with the 21-gearing options in the drive train. Hence, if you’re up for accelerating, reaching top speeds, and climbing, the rear derailleurs would allow you to do just that.

Finally, as is the case with most Schwinn bikes, this one also comes with an Alloy-v brake.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Ensures strain free rides.
  • Seamless gear shifting mechanism.
  • Rear derailleurs provide multiple functions.


  • Thickness of tires might be an issue.


If you’re looking for a Schwinn bike – but do not want to pay the inflated prices for which most of them come, this bike is a must have.

Schwinn Men's S3052TG 700c Skyliner, Grey, 18"/Medium

Schwinn Men's S3052TG 700c Skyliner Hybrid Bike, Grey, 18

Can you afford to pay a little extra for the best bike out there? If your answer to this question is in affirmative, this bike is a must-have. Coming with an integrated storage bag, this bike has been designed for longer rides.

Taking a look at the features, it is the space between the two tubes of the aluminum frame where storage bag is placed. However, if you don’t want to take it, you could easily disentangle the storage box without any hassle.

As for the gear range, this bike provides 7-speed derailleur with SRAM twist shifters, If you don’t know what it would do, the SRAM twist shifters make sure that you share the gears precisely, without any fuss.

Another notable feature of this bike – one that would ensure comfort, is the adjustable stem and seat. Thus, if you feel that the bike has run too big or too small on you, all you have to do is to adjust the steam and seat height.

Lastly, taking a cue from the old book, Schwinn has decided to integrate this bike with front and rear lights. This feature would undoubtedly come handy if your riding routine involves the early part of the day or you come back home late at night.


  • Comes with an integrated storage box which would help you in long journeys.
  • Precise gear shifting thanks to the SRAM twist shifters.
  • Thanks to the adjustable stem and seat position, this bike could be customized for perfect riding position.
  • Front and rear lights to ensure that you remain visible in the dark.


  • Handlebars are on an upper trajectory. Hence, they can induce back pains.


A new piece from the assembly line of Schwinn, this bike has combined some old features with the new ones.

Giordano G7 Men

Giordano G7 Men's Hybrid Bike

Although many people mistake this bike for the Giordano RS700, there are many differences between both these bikes. In addition to the exterior appearance, price tag and performance, this bike is relatively new in the market. As you might guess, it is the “newness” of this bike which hasn’t allowed Giordano to elevate its price tag.

Looking at its features, this bike comes in two styles, large and medium. The large styles would cater for those men who are between 5’10-6’1, whereas, the medium frame is for those ranging 5’6’’ and above. Hence, make your choice accordingly.

Another notable feature of this bike – one you won’t get from every bike, is the adjustable riser stem. If you’re thinking that the bike is too big or small for you – and you have the Giordano S7 in possession, all you have got to do is to adjust the stem for ultimate comfort.

In terms of gears, this bike comes with 21-speed Shimano Shifter and derailleurs. As you might guess, such a wide gear range would prove to be equally beneficial, both on the road and off it.

Finally, with a suspension seat post, the Giordano G7 has made on last effort to increase the comfort level for its riders.


  • Riser stem is adjustable.
  • Seat post comes with suspension.
  • Equally efficient for off and on-road rides.
  • Comes in different sizes.


  • Square handlebars aren’t the best ones.


Despite an obvious shortcoming in the shape of square handlebars, this bike has got some pretty decent features. However, having said that, I don’t think that it deserves the lofty price tag.

Ancheer 27.5 inches 21 Speed 

Ancheer 27.5 inches 21 Speed Hybrid Bike

If you’re looking for a huge bike – no matter in which sense of the word, the Men Seeker Mountain hybrid bike from Ancheer is a must-have. With huge 27.5’’ wheels, this bike is specially designed for those riders who want to conquer the most difficult terrains.

Starting from the tires, Ancheer claims that in addition to their size, it is the MOC of tires which makes them huge. Coated with an anti-slip wear, these tires would ensure that you ride in rain and snow with little difficulty.

Thanks to the size of the tires, this bike gives you the freedom of carrying bigger loads. While its recommended load capacity is 110kg, I would recommend keeping the load level below 100kg for safety reasons.

One area where this bike has surprised me is its gear speed mechanism. As you might testify, huge bikes generally have compact gear ranges. However, this bike is different, a fact which is epitomized by its Shimano 21-speed derailleurs. If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite about this bike, it comes with shifters which ensure reliable shifting.

Having laid out the positive features, let’s take a look at the negative ones. To be honest, there is only one: the size. For a bike which boasts such a huge size, it is automatic that not everybody could ride it. Hence, choose it only after making sure that you’d be able to ride it.


  • Huge tires which are coated with anti-slip wear.
  • Wide gear ranges and shifters.
  • Front suspension fork for comfort.


  • Although linear pull brakes would “do” the job, they simply aren’t world class.


If your riding path includes inundated roads, or you like to drive when it is snowing, the 27.5’’ tires of this bike allow you to do just that.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Hybrid Bikes for Men


As long as you don’t want to turn your bike into a statue, comfort should be the utmost deciding factor. No matter how long or short the distance you’re planning to ride, it would be ruined if your bike isn’t comfortable. Consequently, with pains throughout your body, you’ll have no chance but to curse the moment where you bought the bike.

Hence, whenever you go for a new bike, make sure that it provides extreme comfort. However, as you might guess, this isn’t easy. Comfort means bikes which are equally proficient on clean roads as they are on pathways which are riddled with bumps. Unless you don’t take out the bike from the shop to the real world, you would never be able to tell about its comfort level.

Solving this problem for you, we have chosen only those best hybrid bikes which provide extreme comfort. Whether you’re planning to go on a short ride or long one, whether your road is a clean pavement or a mountainous trail, whether you’re going uphill or downhill, the best hybrid bikes for men would provide you extreme comfort.


Gone are the days when aluminum differentiated from other MOC’s on one account: rust resistance. Now, the bike manufacturers have ensured that no matter what the MOC, it would be rust resistant. Hence, in the aforementioned best hybrid bikes for men, you’ll get bikes all of whom provide no space for rust.


To be honest, design is one area where no expert could guide you. Apart from the upright handlebars, and a comfortable seat, there is little which we could do to help you out in this regard. Why? Because design is purely a choice-phenomenon. Hence, go for your choice.


If we state that the number of gears on a bike is directly proportional to its price, we won’t be wrong. Greater the number of gears on a bike, the more costly it’ll be. However, the price is not the only factor which determines the number of gears. Your riding style, as well as your riding path also, play an important role.

For example, if you’d restrict your bike to the city rides, go for one which comes in single digit gears. However, if your path consists of mountainous trails, rough patches, or dirt pavements, going for a greater number of gears would help you out.


For “real” men who doesn’t care about the path on which they’re traveling, having a bike would no suspension would save them lots of money. However, if you want to go for a similar bike, be ready for the “pains” and “bruises” which might come.

Provided that you could afford to pay some money, there are bikes out there – i.e. the best hybrid bikes for men, who come with suspension. Made up of forks, these bikes have are embedded with an impact absorbing mechanism. Consequently, even if you hit the handle against an object, your hands would remain on the handlebar, assuring maximum stability.

Another myth which separates a suspension-integrated bike from a non-suspension one is the weight. In most cases, people will tell you that having a suspension will weigh down the bike. As you might guess from my ironic tone, there is no such thing. The best hybrid bikes come with such suspension which is lightweight, strong and durable. Hence, the last thing you need to worry is about the weight.


If you ask me about the feature which separates a women bike from a men’s one, I would point out to the seat. Women have longer pelvic bones, hence they should prefer those bikes whose seats are wide. As for the men, they have shorter pelvis bones so they don’t need to pay extra for a bike which offers wide seats.

In addition to the gender, there is one thing which separates the hybrid bikes from others: the seat style. Their seats are padded, which, in simple words means that they provide more comfort due to their shock absorbing mechanism.

Budget Pick: Least and Most Expensive Best Hybrid bikes for men

Now that you’ve decided to buy the best hybrid bikes for men, keep one thing in your mind: they aren’t the cheapest in the market. Comprising of world class features i.e. lightweight frames, strong rims, comfortable seats, and advanced gearing systems, these bikes are worthy of the price which you’ll pay for them.

However, having said that, the prices of the aforementioned bikes – in stark contrast to their features, isn’t simply out of the world. While you’d be getting world class features, you don’t have to pay over the odds. Hence, in addition to becoming an apple of your eye, these bikes, with their price tags, won’t weigh heavily on your pockets as well. Take a look.

Most expensive bike: Giordano G7 Men

Least Expensive Bike: Schwinn’s Men’s Voyager 3 700c Wheel.

How to adjust bike brakes

Required tools: Allen key, screwdriver, sand papers and cable puller.

  • Brake levers alignment. Loosen the clamp and-align the levers so that they are parallel to your arm when you ride. Once done, re tighten the clamp.
  • Inspect the brake pads. Loosen the cable and tighten the lever barrel adjuster so as to release the cable. Remove the brake pads and inspect them for any damage or wearing out. If worn out, you will need new ones otherwise use sandpaper to resurface the pads.
  • Adjust tension. Inspect the brake arm tension to ensure that they have good spring tension. To increase tension, move the spring to the top hole of the frame and to decrease move it to the bottom hole.
  • Reinstall and align the brake pads. Put the brake pads back in place. Ensure that the pads are aligned such that the brakes pad is facing the rim. The back and front side of the brake pads should be in contact with the rim. When you test ride, the brake pads should not produce a squeaky sound, if they do you may need to resurface or replace them.
  • Align the brake arms. When correctly aligned, the brake arms should face straight up and down when the pads touch the rim. They should not be too close together or too wide apart. If the brake arms are too close to each other, align the washers such that the smallest set of washers is closest to the pads. If they are too close, align them so that the large washers are closest to the pads.
  • Adjusting cable tension. Pull the cable through the pinch bolt until it is tight enough.
  • Center the brake arms. Align the break pads so that each is an equal distance away from from the rim and not in contact with the rim. When the brake arms are centered, the pads should contact the rims at the same time. Otherwise, use a screwdriver tocenter them by either loosening or tightening the side adjustment screw.

Bottom Line

If you belong to or know a community of cyclists, you would testify that hybrid bikes have become the norm. In addition to providing all the utilities which one can expect from a bike – i.e. exercise, training, leisure rides, these bikes are extremely comfortable. Hence, with no back pains or muscle strains after your daily or weekly rides, you could afford to focus on your riding skills, with no repercussions whatsoever.

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