Best Bike for 4 Year Old – Reviews and Expert Advice

What makes a bike the best bike for 4 year old? Is it the price, the quality, comfort, features or the brand name which alienates the best bike for the ordinary ones? As one might guess, all the above-mentioned features are what makes the best bike for 4 year old.

Best Bike for 4 Year Old

However, if you go to the cycle shop and demand a bike which is world-class in all these features, it is very likely that you’d come empty handed. Why? Because, after learning your demands, the shopkeeper would present to you a bike with an astronomical price thinking that since you’ve demanded the best features, you’d pay the inflated price as well.

Thus, if you don’t want to pay inflated price, but still want to have a bike which has the best features, you’ve arrived at the best place.

Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boy's Bike (16-Inch, Yellow/Black)

As suggested by its name, the Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boy’s bike is a one which is designed to seamlessly move through all terrains, in all sort of conditions. Hence if you’re looking for a bike which would last with you through thick and thin, move forward.

Looking at this the air inflated tires, you might be allowed to suggest that this is a mountain bike. However, turn your attention to the Low Center of Gravity Frame and this bike has all the credentials to be a perfect road bike. Moreover, with an elevated frame, your kid won’t develop any kinds of back pain while driving this bike.

However, if the above-mentioned description left you wanting regarding the frame of this bike, Dynacraft have played a masterstroke by giving a lifetime (yes LIFETIME) warranty on both the frame and fork.

Lastly, while they don’t come adjustable, the training wheels of this bike are adjustable. That is, if you think that the training wheels aren’t assembled well, you could adjust them according to your requirements.


  • Coaster brakes which, in addition to stopping the bike, allow it to move forward with pedal action.
  • Bubble machine to fill the area behind the rider with delightful bubbles.
  • Training wheels to help the kid in his early days of cycling.
  • Comes with a beautiful kitty bag.


  • As suggested earlier, the coaster brakes might cause the tire to skid.


Although this bike isn’t the cheapest in our review, it seems to me that Dynacraft has focused more on the aesthetics and less on overall performance.

#2. Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Mini Viper Kid's BMX Bike (16-Inch Wheels), One Size, Blue

Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Mini Viper Kid's BMX Bike (16-Inch Wheels), One Size, Blue

Coming from the world renowned brand of Diamond Back, the 2014 Mini Viper Kid’s BMX bike is a combination of elegant outlook and world class features. Although it contains a price tag in the upper echelon, a mere glance at its features would justify the usefulness of this bike.

Talking about the material of construction, this bike has a heavy duty steel frame. Moreover, in order to ensure the comfort of the rider, it also contains forks in the back seat. Also, since the MOC of the frame is steel, this bike is an epitome of comfort.

Talking about the brakes, chain, and the steering/handlebar, all three parts are responsible and work really well. However, since the tubing is made up of steel, the bike is a bit on the heavier side. Hence, it’d suit more the heavier kids.

As for the seat, in addition to being padded, it is also adjustable. Provided you get the perfect size for your kid, this bike would stay with him for quite some time.

Turning our attention to the shortcomings, I think that Diamondback would have done well if they had provided no training wheels at all. Their quality is cheap and since they’re loud, they provide hindrance rather than aiding the motion of the bike. Thus, if your child feels he could do better without training wheels, you don’t need a second invitation to disentangle them.


  • Sturdy and well built
  • Durable
  • Fork for comfort
  • Brakes, chain, and steering are all very responsive


  • Training wheels


Despite being on the higher side in terms of price, this bike, thanks to its features, would prove to be an excellent value for its money.

#3. Huffy Bicycle Company #21396 Disney Frozen Bike, 16-Inch

Huffy Bicycle Company #21396 Disney Frozen Bike, 16-Inch

As evident from the color and outer appearance of this bike, the Disney Frozen bike is a NO GO area for boys. As for the girls, the front bag, ribbons on the handlebar, and the Frozen Logo on the frame make this bike a must have for them. Thus, if you’re looking to surprise your little one with a prize, perch this bike higher on the “to do” list of your priorities.

Starting from the frame, it is made up of steel and curved in “Y” shape. At the rear tires, coaster brakes are applied. Hence, if you want a bike which stops safely, this bike ticks all the right boxes.

As for the saddle, while it isn’t padded, it is adjustable. Thus, while this bike has been designed for the 4-year-old, it could suit as older as 6-year-olds thanks to its adjustable seats.

Another feature of this bike which deserves attention is the higher gain ratio. A mere pedal and the bike will be flying. However, that is not to say that this bike isn’t safe.

Lastly, the training wheels are adequate and there is also a bag attached to the handlebar. When combined, both these features serve as a brilliant utility.


  • Brilliant coaster brakes
  • Great gain ratio
  • Steel curved frame
  • Lower center of gravity


  • Training wheels are made of plastic.


At this time and age when children adore Hollywood movies, this bike, thanks to its obvious association with Disney Frozen, is a must have for any girl.

#4. Hello Kitty Girl's Bike, Pink/White, 16-Inch

Hello Kitty Girl's Bike, Pink/White, 16-Inch

The first under $150 bike in our review, 16-inch Girl’s bike from Hello Kitty is a huge steal when you take a look at its price. With its pink seat and handlebars, red frame and rims, and white wheels, the exterior appearance of this bike is pleasing to the eye.

First of all, one feature which deserves attention from this bike – and one which you normally don’t see in a girl’s bike is the gear train. It will protect the chain through thick and thin, hence, increasing its shelf life.

Another notable exception this bike has from other kid’s bikes is the presence of caliper brakes in the rear tire. For those who don’t know it, a caliper brake is one part of the disc brake system. Once you press the brake, the fluid will flow from the cylinder to the calipers. Consequently, the brake pads will be pressed against the rotors to stop the bike.

Lastly, turning our attention to the shortcomings, the frame of this bike isn’t sturdy and well built. Hence, it won’t last for ages.


  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Safe rear caliper brakes
  • Presence of gear train


  • Won’t last long


For a growing child who won’t need a bike to last with her for ages, this bike could prove to be a meticulous buy.

#5. Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Boy's Bike (12-Inch, Green/Black)

Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Boy's Bike (12-Inch, Green/Black)

If you were left thinking that the above-mentioned bike was too big for your kid – and wanted to have a similar bike but in a smaller size, the 12-inch Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Boy’s bike is just that. A brilliant amalgam of white, black and green, the ride of this bike is as pleasing as its outer appearance.

Although we have said that this bike is merely an extension of the 16-inch Dynacraft bike, one area where it differs markedly is the seat. In addition to being padded, the saddle is perched a little higher. That is, it has a higher Center of Gravity.

Another area, where this bike is different, is its price tag. Costing just over $50, this bike os one of the most inexpensive of the bikes mentioned in this review.

Finally, as you might expect from a Dynacraft bike, this bike comes with a lifetime warranty on its frame and fork.


  • Padded saddle
  • Adjustable seat
  • Handlebar pad with graphics
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and fork
  • Inexpensive


  • For the price that you’re paying, you can’t expect this bike to be long lasting


If you are looking for an inexpensive bike, which has all the features which the expensive ones would offer, this bike merits your attention.

#6. Huffy Bicycle Company Disney Cars Bike, 16"

Huffy Bicycle Company Disney Cars Bike, 16"

Just like the above-mentioned bike of this review, the Huffy Bicycle Company Disney Cars Bike 16’’ belongs to the lower echelons in terms of price tag. Apart from that, there are very few areas where this bike could compare with any other bike.

Thanks to a sturdy frame, which has been decorated with racing red Disney cars, this bike is sturdy and well built. Also, since the frame is Y-shaped, it won’t ditch the rider midway through the journey. However, since it is made up of steel, the frame is a bit on the heavier side, making it difficult for the rider to move this bike with speed.

If you want a heavier bike which stops safely, without making too much noise, the coaster brakes, applied on the rear tire, would do just that. Finally, with 20-spoke black rims, the quality of the wheels has been improved.


  • Low price
  • Bag on the handlebar
  • Padded seat
  • Brilliant quality tires


  • Training wheels might cause an issue


Talking about the best bike for 3 year old, this bike isn’t certainly at the top. However, as its features might tell you, it certainly isn’t at the bottom.


Tauki Kid Bike BMX Bike for Boys and Girls, Best Gift for Kids, 12 Inch, 16 Inch

Looking at its price tag, you might expect the best features from Tauki Kid BMX Bike for Boys and Girls. Thankfully, since we have had a detailed glance at its features, we could testify that this bike has the ability to justify its price tag.

First of all, this bike has a proper fit and quality build frame. Made up of high-grade steel, this frame would keep the bike stable even at an elevated speed. Moreover, the frame is also durable.

Secondly, as you might have predicted by looking at its price tag, the training wheels are on heavy duty. Hence, it would allow your kid to have easier transition during riding.

Thirdly, talking about the tires, they are made up of patterned rubber. Hence, while the tires are air inflated, they aren’t as prone to going flat as the majority of tires used in kid’s bikes these days.


  • Sturdy frame which is durable and long lasting
  • Heavy duty training wheels which allow easier transition midway through the ride
  • Adjustable seat height as well as handlebars
  • The patterned rubber used in the construction of tires make them less prone to going flat.


  • Price is a bit on the higher side


If you can afford to pay over the odds up front – with the caveat of little running cost, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for this bike.

Factors to Consider – A guide to Buying the Best 4 Year Old Bike

Size: In stark contrast to the other kid’s bikes, selecting a rightly sized bike for a 4-year-old isn’t a difficult task. Since your kid has already tried his/her hand on other bikes, you’d most likely know the best fit for his size.

However, if this would be the first bike in the life of your little one, make sure to remember two things. First, the bike shouldn’t be over-sized as it will deprive your kid of the most important safety feature: his feet. Since he would no longer be able to stop the bike with his feet, the chances of injury will escalate.

Secondly, don’t go for an undersized bike. While it would allow the kid to stop the bike on his will, the bending of knees – which result from an undersized back, can result in joint pains.

Hence, when you’re going for the best bike for 4 year old, always choose a perfectly sized bike for your kid.

Gain Ratio: The speed a bike picks upon pedaling is determined by its gain ratio. Greater the gain ratio of the bike, the better its wheels would respond to pedaling. Consequently, the speed of the bike will be more.

Hence, if you are sure that your kid could handle himself and the bike with ease, go for a higher gain ratio. However, if you are unsure about his cycling prowess, go for a lower gain-ratio bike.

Brakes: With the advent of companies like Schwinn, Diamondback, and others in the children bike manufacturing industry, the range of the brakes which are installed in the bikes has exploded. Not long ago, only coaster and hand brakes were the norm in kid’s bikes. While these brakes are still used, they have a shortcoming: they skid on wet surfaces.

In order to undermine this shortcoming, bike manufacturing companies have started to install disc brakes on kid’s bikes. While they are costly, disk brakes are the best bet when it comes to stopping the bike with safety.

Budget: Dispelling the myth that everything which is pricey has better quality, we would, with our research, show you later on that this isn’t the case. Provided that the bike has all the practical features which a 4-year-old could use, it is the best bike for 4 year old without an astronomical price tag. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the budget.

Seat Height and Center of Gravity: First, let’s talk about the seat height. All of us know that for a comfortable ride, seat hide is crucial. However, what most of us doesn’t know that most companies are now manufacturing bikes which have adjustable seat heights. Thus, while it is plausible that the seat height won’t adjust your child at first, a little effort and it would perfectly suit your child.

As for the center of gravity, remember one thing: the lower, the better! A lower C of G would ensure that your id could balance the bike with ease. Hence, safety would be ensured.

Specifications to Look Out for in a Kid’s Bike

As you might have guessed by now, buying a kid’s bike isn’t as simple as it looks. In addition to taking care of your pocket, you need to make sure that the safety of your kid, along with his comfort, doesn’t get compromised. Thus, in our bid to help you in this regard, we’ve listed out some specifications. Have a look.

The geometry of the Frame: There are two features that are important in this regard: the center of the gravity of the bike, and the distance from the back to the front wheel.

If your child is learning to ride a bicycle, a larger distance (from the front to back wheel) would help him in stabilizing the bike with much ease. Why? Since he could distribute his weight evenly throughout the bike, the occurrence of jerks would become less common.

Secondly, the lower the center of Gravity of a bike, the less strain it will cause on the rider. In simple words, make sure that the seat is such that it enables the child to sit lower to the ground.

Fork: Although most kid’s bikes do not contain forks, the expensive ones do offer them. Thus, if you could afford to pay for them, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for a fork. Just like the above-mentioned feature, a fork would make sure that the comfort of the rider is kept supreme.

Brakes: Brakes, like bikes, come in many different types. Unlike the bikes, however, all of them perform the same function, they stop the bike. However, they differ in the way they work. For example, while all brakes would stop the bike, some would stop it more safely than the others. Thus, go for a brake which provides safe stoppage.

Things to Consider when buying a Balance Bike

Most parents approach us with this question: Is our child ready to ride a balance bike? Our answer, as you might guess from the heading, is always an emphatic YES! If you want to make sure that your kid understands the complexities of the adult bike which he would ride later on in his life, make sure to have him a balance bike.

The material of Construction of Frame: In the good old days, most bikes were made up of either wood or steel frames. With the advancement of technology, aluminum and composite materials of construction have also taken precedence.

Talking about aluminum frames, they are light weight, rust resistant, shock absorbing and won’t deceive the rider midway through the journey. Sadly, bike manufacturers also know this as they have increased the prices of those bikes which come in Aluminum MOC.

As for the steel bikes, they are the heaviest ones. Consequently, they fall into the one-size-fits-all category. However, as you might guess, your kid might not be too excited to ride this bike because of its weight.

Turning our attention to composite bikes, they have the qualities of all the above-mentioned bikes, without the shortcomings of either. However, as you might guess they won’t come cheap.

Footrest: Since comfort is our first choice when selecting a balance bike, the selection of footrest is crucial. As long as the bike doesn’t provide a comfortable foot rest, never go for it.

Talking about the types of footrests, there are three of them normally being employed in the kid’s bikes. First, foot pegs which are located below the bike. They can be replaced, however, since they are relatively new in the market, they aren’t famous.

Secondly, the foot rest could be located between the saddle and the handle. However, they have a shortcoming: they could disrupt the balance of the bike.

Thirdly, the most famous foot rest is the one which is joined on both sides. Since they are located just above the ground, these footrests are more popular among the bike owners.

Steering Limiter: Since you’ll be going for a balance bike, going for a steering limiter is a must. Since they prevent the steering from turning 360 degrees, steering limiter is a must-have in almost all kids bikes. However, if you feel that your kid needs to have a taste of an adult bike – most of whom come without steering limiters, the choice is yours.

Tires: Similar to that of the foot rest, tires come in various categories. However, in stark contrast to that of the footrest, the differentiation between tires is a matter of choice.

For example, if you want to have tires which require little maintenance, aren’t prone to puncture, and need little care, go for EVA tires. However, while these tires won’t puncture, they would, most likely, skid on wet surfaces.

However, if you want to have tires which might require a little more maintenance, but are equally applicable to both wet and dry regions, go for the air inflated tires.

Wheels: Although most people think otherwise, there is a simple but marked difference between wheels and tires. While the wheel is the round object comprising of the hub and the axle, the tire is the part made up of rubber which grips the road.

As recommended by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the front wheel is required to have a safety mechanism. That is, even if the axle comes off, the front wheel shouldn’t fall off. Thus, consider this when choosing the best bike for 4 year old.

Mountain bike or Road Bike? Looking at the mountain bikes, they have 24’’ size wheels. Moreover, they have horizontal handlebars, grippy tires, and wide tread. They have suspensions on the front and back tires, have huge wheels, better brakes, and smaller gain ratios. Consequently, they are best for both on and off-road tires.

Talking about road bikes, the most important traits of road bikes are their stiffness and weight. Both these factors determine how effectively the power from the pedals could be transferred to the wheels. However, these bikes could opt for speed instead of comfort. As for the handlebars, they are positioned just below the saddle so that to put the rider in an aerodynamic position.

Another area, which is worth noting regarding road bikes is the distance between the back and front tires. This is done to ensure quick handling. In simple words, in road bikes, aerodynamics is preferred over comfort in road bikes.

Why not a hybrid bike? If you’ve visited market already, you’d testify to this statement: there are very few – if any, hybrid bikes which are made for children. Thus, no matter how hard you’ve been impressed with your personal hybrid bike, finding one for your child is an unenviable task. Good luck!

​bottom line

Having taken a detailed look at the best bike for 3 year old, I have no doubt that it is the last bike of this review – Tauki Kid BMX bike, which deserves my nod as the best bike for 3 year old.

Firstly, this bike has an adjustable seat as well as handlebars. Hence, while it costs a little more upfront, this bike would have minimal running cost in the long run. Secondly, one of the main problem due to which people don’t turn towards air-inflated tires is their ability to go flat. Since patterned rubber has been used in their construction, these tires won’t deceive the rider midway through the journey.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the well-built, sturdy frame is another feature which lured me towards this bike. Even when the kid is racing the bike at higher speeds, the well-built frame would ensure stability.

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