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Best Bike for 3 Year Old

When it comes to making sure that our children remain fit, smart and away from obesity, there are very few exercises out there who could function in the same way as cycling. Moreover, in this age of technology, parents need to do more to ensure that their kids indulge in some physical activities. Thankfully, while the charm of other outdoor games has gone south, cycling is still there as the favorite sport for children. Therefore, if you’re looking to spend your money on the best bike for 3 year old, rest assured as your child would reap full rewards from it, both physically and mentally.

Best in my Opinion:

If you want to go for the best bike for 3 year old, all the bikes will satiate your appetite. However, since everybody has an opinion, I’ve decided to side with the Schwinn Boys 12’’ Grit bike. In addition to bearing the brand name of Schwinn, this bike ticks all the right boxes when it comes to any best bike for 3 year old. For example, it provides tool-free seat adjustment for comfort, a parent push handle for safety, and front and rear fenders to ensure that the bike remains clean.

Thus, if I’ve to choose the best bike for 3 year old, my vote goes to this beauty from Schwinn.

Factors to Consider – A guide to Buying the Best 3 Year Old Bike

Size: If you want to ensure your child’s safety, finding the right size bike is imperative as both undersized and over-sized bikes could prove hazardous. For example, for bikes that are too large, they prevent the child’s feet from touching the ground. Hence, they take away from him a safety net.

As for bikes which are too short, children have to bend their knees to pedal it to and fro. Consequently, they could develop knee pains.

Taste: If you want your kid to enjoy the rides, allow him to choose the style and color of the bike. This point of view is substantiated by research which states that children are more likely to ride those bikes which meet their taste.

Budget: In stark contrast to the common opinion, expensive bikes are NOT the best bikes in the world. While they would comprise some show-off gadgetry, the usefulness of a bike is determined by its workable features. Hence, in choosing the best bike for 3 year old, try to select those features which your kid will actually use and not those which will only be pleasing to the eye.

Weight: As you will see ahead in this article, the best bike for 3 year old is the one which ranges from 35-40% of his body weight.

Gain ratio: How well a bike would respond to the pedaling is determined by its gain ratio. The greater the gain ratio, the speedier the bike is likely to be. As you might guess, a too high gain ratio is an undesirable feature in the best bike for 3 year old. By increasing the speed, this bike puts the safety of your little one in jeopardy. Hence, always go for a bike which has an optimum gain ratio.

Brakes: While the best bike for 3 year old isn’t likely to have foot brakes, they do come with a child-friendly brake mounted beneath the handle. These brakes are soft, thus allowing the kid to stop the bike whenever he senses danger.

Saddle (Seat) Height: As you would see in the review section, the best bike for 3 year old has an adjustable seat height. Thus, whether the kid is large or small, the adjustable seat height makes sure that the bike fits him perfectly.

Kickstand: In stark contrast to the above-mentioned features – most of whom are imperative in a kid’s bike, the kickstand isn’t crucial. Thus, most kids bike do not come with a kickstand. However, if you want your kid’s bike to have one, you could purchase it for a minimal price from the market.

For a person who has been in this industry for some time, I could testify that there aren’t many bikes out there which are as beautiful as this one. Adorned with shades of pink, blue, and the customary black color, this bike has the capability to thaw the heart of your little doll.

Dynacraft 8048-15ZTJ Girls Hello Kitty Bike, Pink/Blue, 14-Inch

Looking at its features, a bubble machine is attached to this bike. Although it isn’t a feature which would affect the overall performance of the bike, the bubble machine provides great delight to the riding children.

Also, if your child wants to play with the bubble machine separately, you could easily disintegrate it from the bike. Moreover, as it runs on relative wind speed, you don’t have to attach the battery as well.

As the child will be in his/her learning phase, Dynacraft has respected this point by providing training wheels with this bike. Easily disintegrable, these training wheels will serve as a safety net.

Focusing more on the aesthetic sense, this bike contains a Hello Kitty bag attached to the handlebar. However, if the child feels that it is hindering their version, the bag, just like the wheels, could be easily taken off.

Another useful feature of this bike is the coaster brake. Operated by turning the brake backward, a coastal brake allows the bike to roll even when the child isn’t turning the pedals. Looking at their shortcomings, the coaster brakes might cause a tire to skid, rendering it useless.


  • Coaster brakes which, in addition to stopping the bike, allow it to move forward with pedal action.
  • Bubble machine to fill the area behind the rider with delightful bubbles.
  • Training wheels to help the kid in his early days of cycling.
  • Comes with a beautiful kitty bag.


  • As suggested earlier, the coaster brakes might cause the tire to skid.

Final Verdict

Although this bike isn’t the cheapest in our review, it seems to me that Dynacraft has focused more on the aesthetics and less on overall performance.

As suggested by its name, this bike is an all-rounder as it is designed to suit both the girls and the boys. However, when you look at its purple color – in addition to the pink circle within the tires, it seems plausible that this bike will find more acceptance amidst the girls than the boys. Thus, for the guys, red color seems more acceptable.

Royalbaby Honey Kid's Bike, Perfect Gift For Kids, Boy's Bike, Girl's Bike, 12-14-16-18 inch wheels, Red or Lilac

Starting from the seat, this bike has gone for those ones which have a tiny support at the back. Though negligible in appearance, this little change will go a long way in ensuring rest and comfort for the riders.

Turning our attention to the tires, and they aren’t made from that flat-resistant EVA polymer. Rather, these tires are air inflated, aren’t huge, and look good for solid pavements.

The Center of Gravity of the seat – though not as low as I would like, has been adjusted to provide maximum balance to the rider. However, since neither the seat nor the handlebars are adjustable, this bike could have done a little better.

Finally, talking about the price tag, and this bike is one of the most expensive of our review. Hence, before selecting it, make sure you have the budget to finance this bike.


  • Low Center of gravity of the Seat
  • Back support
  • Easy to move pedals
  • Comes with training wheels


  • Tires aren’t suitable for all terrains

Final Verdict

Coming from a world renowned brand of Royalbaby, this bike has got some pretty solid reviews from its users.

When you compare this bike with the one mentioned just above, you might wonder that they come from different brand manufacturers. With a more sturdy built, better brakes, and button design, this bike has got (nearly) all the features of the high tech bikes.

RoyalBaby Buttons Kid's Bike, Boy's Bikes and Girl's Bikes with training wheels, Gifts for children, 12-14-16 inch wheels, in 6 colors

Starting from brakes, Royalbaby decided to go with two different ones in this brake. For the rear brake, they have favored the already discussed rear coaster brakes. To mitigate the shortcomings of the coaster brake, they have integrated a caliper brake in the front tire.

Functioning like a disc brake system, these brakes are often used in motor vehicles. Since they stop the tires by the injection of fluid inside the caliper, these brakes are more trustworthy. Hence, with these brakes, the price of this bike has automatically gone up.

Turning our attention to the pedals, you would be right to “accuse” Royalbaby that they have integrated adult-bike pedals in this bike. However, on a second glance, one can make sure – thanks to their size, that these pedals were in fact designed for these bikes.

Lastly, just to make sure that their customers know that this bike will last longer, Royalbaby has acquired certifications from the likes of CPSC and EN14765.


  • Comes with two types of brakes
  • Durable
  • Patented design
  • Sturdy built


  • Tires are prone to going flat

Final Verdict

Integrated with two types of brakes, this bike is a must-have if you’re concerned about the safety of your kid.

Grown fed up of metal/alloy frames? Want to go for a bike which whose frame is rust resistant? Well, if these were your wishes scrolling down the page, they have come true in the shape of Jeep Boy’s bike. Coming in two colors – of which gray one is my favorite, this bike has all the attributes to be a darling for your little one.

Jeep Boy's Bike, 14-Inch

Talking about the frame, it is made up of rust-resistant steel. Although it will make the bike a bit heavier, there are far too many benefits which the steel frame would provide to this bike.

Secondly, if you’re concerned that your child won’t be comfortable in riding the first bike of his life, Jeep has alleviated these concerns by integrating suspension forks in this bike. Although the bike isn’t expected to ride on the bumpy roads, even if you do, these forks will come handy in absorbing the shocks.

As for the brakes, a child-friendly front hand brake is provided. Moreover, to ensure that the chain remains in good working order, a full wrap CPSC gain guard is also provided. Also, the seat is adjustable, making this bike a must-have for your kid.


  • Steel frame makes this bike sturdy
  • Suspension for comfortable riding
  • Chain guard to protect the chain from wear and tear
  • Adjustable seat


  • A little heavy

Final Verdict

If the weight of this bike doesn’t concern you, there are not many reasons which suggest looking away from this bike.

I’m sorry boys but if you’re looking for a bike specifically designed for you, better scroll up or down as this bike isn’t built for you. As for the girls, they could take a lot of delight while riding this little beauty.

Pinkalicious Girls' Bike, 14-Inch

Similar to many other girls’ bikes – whose manufacturers focus more on the aesthetics than the performance, this bike is nothing different. From attaching pink ribbons to the handlebar to providing space for erecting a lunch box just beneath it, it is needless to say that this bike has a certain “girlish” touch to it.

However, if you have come to believe – from the above mentioned description, that this bike is all looks and no performance, pardon me but that isn’t the case. From the adjustable seat to the user-friendly pedals, and finally the comfortable grip on the handlebar, Pinkalcious have taken the performance factor into account as well.


  • Includes training wheels
  • Space provided for erecting lunch box
  • Adjustable seat


  • Have to monitor the height settings too carefully

Final Verdict

If you’re a girl who prefers a bike which gives the same look, this bike might be tailor-made for you.

Although they are more famous in the market for adult bikes, Diamondback is slowly making its space in this regard as well. As suggested by the quality of this bike, they have done really well.

Diamondback Bicycles Youth Girls 2015 Lil Della Cruz Complete Cruiser Bike, Purple

Similar to many adult bikes which they manufacture, Diamondback decided to go with the high tensile steel frame for this bike. Moreover, now that I have looked at the performance of the frame, I could testify that it was a decision worth taking on their part. In addition to making this bike strong, sturdy, and well-built, the high tensile steel frame – unlike its reputation, doesn’t add burden on this bike.

Also, by providing an extra stand over clearance, this bike is very easy to get on and off. Lastly, in the shape of fenders and chain guard, it has also been provided adequate protection against grime and puddles.

Lastly, the feature which makes this bike the best bike for 3 year old is the comfortable seat. Perched a little on the vertical side, there are springs beneath the seat which absorb the shock coming from the downside.


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Sturdy
  • Fenders and chain guard to protect against grime and puddles
  • Easy dismount thanks to the extended stand-over clearance.


  • Assembly instructions aren’t easy to follow.

Final Verdict

If you’re a fan of Diamondback due to their Adult bikes, this bike is a godsend for you.

Just when you thought that the likes of Schwinn and diamondback would limit their efforts to the adults, both of them have started to look after the kids.

Schwinn Boys' 12-Inch Grit Bike

Starting from the seat, you won’t expect that Schwinn would make a bike without making its seat adjustable. Another added advantage which comes with an adjustable seat is its hand-friendly clamps. That is, if you want to adjust the seat, no tools are required.

In the rear side of the bike, a parent push handle has also been provided. However, if you feel that your child is too old for it, you could remove it easily.

As for the seat post, in addition to being adjustable, it is also quick release. Hence, if you’re worried that the bike might be stolen, the quick-release function allows it to be locked.

Lastly, while the majority of the seat bikes leave it upon your discretion, this bike comes with a water bottle, rear and front fenders, and a cage which is mounted to the push handle.


  • Inexpensive
  • Tool free seat adjustment
  • Quick release seat post
  • Comes with front and rear fenders
  • A parent push handle


  • Can be a bit too heavy for lean kids

Final Verdict

If you’re interested in going for the brand name, Schwinn – being the oldest bike manufacturer in the US, deserves your attention with this bike.

Things to Consider when buying a Balance Bike

Yes, you read it right. Your kid needs a balance bike. Why? If you want to make sure that he reaps all the benefits mentioned above in this article, make sure to get him a balance bike. Below mentioned are a few things to consider when selecting a balance bike…

Frame MOC: Talking about the metal frames, they are generally heavier and suit heavier children. As you might guess, they provide good strength and are stiff. However, apart from those metals which are mixed in alloys, they aren’t rust resistant.

If you have been put away with the non-rust resistant shortcoming of a metal bike, go for a lighter, aluminum one. Apart from being rust-resistant, these bikes are lightweight. Hence, they would serve your child as long as he doesn’t outgrow them.

Talking about environmental friendly bikes, wood bikes deserve a mention. While they aren’t suitable for damper climates, wood bikes are a good buy for those living in the hotter regions.

Lastly, if you want to purchase a bike which combines the qualities of all the above MOC’s, go for a composite version. However, as you might expect, these bikes won’t come cheap.

Steering limiter: Since you’ll be going for a balance bike, going for a steering limiter is a must. Since they prevent the steering from turning 360 degrees, steering limiter is a must-have in almost all kids bikes. However, if you feel that your kid needs to have a taste of an adult bike – most of whom come without steering limiters, the choice is yours.

Footrest: There are three types of footrest which currently come integrated into a kid’s bike. The first is the traditional version where the footrest is joined on both sides. Secondly, there are those bikes where the foot-rest is located between the seat and the handle. Thirdly, there are a few bikes who offer foot pegs.

Tires: Just like the foot rest, tires also come in many categories. Of those, two are mostly used in the kids’ bikes: EVA tires and air inflated tires.

EVA tires require no care as they aren’t inflated by air. Consequently, this property also prevents these tires from going flat. These tires, however, aren’t ideal for slippery surfaces.

As for the air inflated tires, they demand proper care and maintenance and could also fall flat. However, their area of expertise is wider as you could use them over almost any kind of surface.

Center of Gravity: Since the kids would be learning the trade for the first time on balance bikes, you could help them by going for a bike which has a low center of gravity. Since a low C of G bike would place them close to the ground, children would have less difficulty in balancing themselves.

What are the benefits of cycling for kids?

A fun way to remain fit: Talking about the best bike for 3 year old, it gives the kids the adventure as well as the buzz which helps them to continue this exercise in the future.

Balance and determination: While building blocks and card games teach children strategy, cycling guides children on how to maintain their balance. Moreover, as they ride on, they develop the determination to reach the final point.

Strengthened bones: When they’d be pedaling to and fro, the whole body of the children would be in some sort of motion. Consequently, every body part will be doing some sort of exertion. This would help to fortify bones.

Fight obesity: While some people think that obesity is only harmful to the elders, a mere glance at the junk food which our children devour these days suggest that they also could become its victims. Hence, in our quest to ensure that they remain fit, perching them on a bicycle works wonders.

Healthy pastime: In this day and age when children spend hours and hours in front of television screens, the best bike for 3 year old offers them a healthy respite. Thus, by indirectly protecting their eyes from the harmful rays, cycling becomes a healthy pastime for the kids.

Bike Maintenance Tips

Lube the Chain: Despite being the most important area in the functioning of a bike, chain often gets the least attention. However, if you don’t want to stop midway through the journey, make sure that the chain is adequately lubed.

Keep Your Bike Clean: Whether you’re a long rider or prefers your bike for short trips, it is an open secret that bikes attract dirt like magnet attracts iron. Hence, if possible, daily clean your bike with a clean towel. At most, the whole process would take you less than 15 minutes. The reward? The shelf life of your bike would increase manifold.

Keep the tires properly inflated: All of us know that as long as the tires remain properly inflated, the chances of them going flat goes down. To make sure that your tire is properly inflated, press the sidewall. If you have a hint that it gets squeezed way too easily, inflate the tire.

​bottom line

While there are many reasons why you could buy the best 3 year old bike for your little one, the most important – apart from their happiness, is their fitness. Being a low impact exercise, the dividends which cycling pays to children in the long run cannot be counted. Moreover, in this age of technology when kids remain rooted to their sofas throughout the day, cycling is a must-have outdoor exercise. Thus, if you want to make sure that your kid remains safe and healthy in the long run, have him a bike

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