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Biking is fun, that’s the part we all agree on. However, provided that you don’t know how to do it rightly, you might end up with your joints in pain, your back in discomfort, and worse, your enthusiasm for biking altogether faded. Consequently, the bike which you once loved would soon become a part of history in your life. To make sure that your bike doesn’t meet this fate, we’ve carved out five beginners mistakes every biker should avoid. Let’s take a look.

5 Beginner Mistakes Every Biker should Avoid

Mistake # 1: Your Seat is too low

You might have heard from professionals that the lower the center of gravity your bike, the more comfortable it would prove to be. While no one denies this logic, too low a seat height and its cons might outweigh the pros.

For example, when the seat height is too low, your knee would remain under-extended when at the bottom stroke of the pedal. Subsequently, it would only be a matter of time before you start experiencing pain in your knee joints.

How to avoid it? Adjust your seat to such height that upon the bottom stroke of the pedal, your knee should be slightly bent. That would minimize the chances of knee pain.

Mistake # 2: Bike isn’t fit properly

If your bike doesn’t fit you properly, there is a very good chance that you haven’t properly sized it. To make sure that your bike is properly sized, two elements are crucial: your reach and seat height. As suggested earlier, the seat height should be such that your knee slightly bends when pedaling. As for the reach, your arms should make a 45* angle with your torso at all times.

Greater than this angle and your back would be in discomfort reaching for the bars. Shorter than this angle and your knees will get too close to your arms. Hence, optimum angle is crucial.

Mistake # 3: Your Bike isn’t maintained

Maintaining your bike is no science, however, some people think that it actually is and end up with neglecting their bikes at all times. The outcome of this behavior? Your bike would be in ruins sooner rather than later. Once in a month, take your bike to the mechanic and get all the things sorted out. While it might cost you a dime, this behavior of yours will extend the shelf life of your bike.

Mistake # 4: Too much enthusiasm early on

It is a part of our common instinct that when we buy a new item, we want to use it as much as we can in the first few days. The downside of this behavior? You’ll get bored of the new product, bike in our case, and soon you would end up without it.

Replace the new product with the bike, and not only you’d be bored by this early enthusiasm but it would also take its toll on your body. For, your body isn’t ready to take so much beating, so soon, without any practice.

Hence, go slow and allow your body to get acclimatized with the bike.

Mistake # 5: You aren’t using gears

Since multiple gears bikes are costlier than their simple counterparts, many people opt for the later. While this technique might pay dividends on simple terrains, it would be injurious to go on a hilly trail without gears. Hence, using gears is recommended.

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