Looking for the go-to place where you could find all the latest news regarding bikes day in, day out? Placate yourself as you have landed in the right place. We’re a team of bike enthusiasts who do nothing but love bikes for a living. From laying out the benefits of the best bikes out there to decoding the weaknesses of the worst ones, nothing could hold us from giving honest opinions about the bikes out there.

How do we do it? Simple, we review all the bikes, the accessories which come with them, the features which they offer, and the opinions which general public holds regarding them. After doing all this, we try our best to give the most honest opinion regarding the bikes. Finally, we hope that after reading our reviews, you could reach a decision regarding the bike which suits you the most.

If you’re a new visitor to this blog or belong to this valued family from some time, don’t hold back from disseminating your views on this platform of bike lovers. While you would learn by looking at our reviews, we hope to do the same by looking at your feedback. Hence, while we expect it to be critical, please make sure that your feedback remains to the point

Why Bikes Rider ?

First of all, one thing which you should have gauged by now is that we love cycling. However, when we were sitting in your place, there were no sources of information for us. Consequently, it was very hard for us to prolong our love of cycling. However, there were friends with us who, due to the lack of information, couldn’t move forward.

It was at that time that we decided that once we are experienced, we would create a platform for the bike lovers. This platform is different from the ones which you’d find on the Internet. How? Unlike the majority of the content written on the Internet, our content is well researched, backed with solid evidence, and supported with top class reviews.

Hence, if you’re looking to become a part of an elite category of cycling enthusiasts, come here and join us.

What Would You Get?​

We aren’t bike sellers. That’s the only thing which we have left at the peril of bike manufacturers. Apart from that, starting from the assembling of bike parts, right down to your ride on the road, our guidance would be with you all the time, everywhere, every time.

If you care little for words and want solid information, below mentioned are the things which you could expect to get from us …

  • Reviews of every bike (well almost) which you could find on the Internet.
  • Listing of the features which you should look for in a bike.
  • ​Updated comparisons between bikes.
  • ​Buying Guides which would help you in choosing the best products.
  • ​Factors to consider when separating a world class bike from an ordinary one.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of every product which we review.

Enjoy the ride.