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Ride a Bike with Your Dog

One of the best things about being a dog owner is all of the activities that you get to do with your dog. This is especially the case if you are someone who enjoys spending lots of time outdoors. Whether it's running, walking or even gardening, dogs like to be by our side. There are also dogs who love to join you on your bike rides.

Sure, you could easily let your dog run freely beside your bicycle as you ride, but there are certain occasions in which this may not be entirely safe for them. If you would like to ensure that your dog has a safe trip, then you will be happy to know that there are several options that you can choose from before your next trip. Here are a few tips to consider if you would like to know how to ride a bike with a dog:

Dog Bike Leash

Many dog owners choose to hold the leash in their hand while riding. However, what a lot of people do not realize is that this can dangerous for both the rider and the dog. If the dog jerks away, it could cause the rider to lose their balance and fall off of the bike. Also, your dog could end up pulling your dog too close to the wheel. So what can be done in this case? A great solution would be to use the dog bike leash. This type of leash makes use of a steel bar and a high resistance performance clip. You can attach this equipment to the seat of your bike and tether your dog to it. This bar will ensure that your dog remains a safe distance for your bike and will give you more control in cases where your dog jerks away.

Dog Trailer

While you may automatically assume that your dog is excited to run along side your bike as you peddle, there are times in which your dog may need a little rest. This is especially the case if you plan on riding for over an hour. In this particular scenario, it's best to bring along a dog bike trailer. A dog bike trailer is an excellent way to go on extended rides and allow your dog to get rest when they become tired. Dog trailers also allow you to bring more than one dog and you never have to worry about their safety.

Dog Bike Basket

Perhaps your dog is not very large. Sure, a dog trailer is greater for the larger breeds, but one about those that are tiny? Pulling a dog trailer would be a little too much. In this case, you should consider using a dog bike basket. What's so great about small bike baskets is that not only can your dog rest in between their running sessions, but you can always keep an eye on them because they are in front of your bike instead of being pulled behind. A lot of dog bike baskets even come with covers. This ensures that your dog remains in the basket and it can protect them during those unexpected rainy days.

Dog Joring Harness

In some cases, if your dog is large enough and has lots of energy, instead of pulling them along on the bike you can allow them to pull you. In this case, you would place a specially designed harness on your dog. You would then attach each end of a line to the harness and the frame of your bike. This would give your dog the ability to pull your bike into motion. Keep in mind that it's best to be on the lookout for a harness that does not restrict your dog's movements in any way. Also, when searching for the perfect line, you need to ensure that it has a strong bungee incorporated. This will help to absorb any and all shock and ensures that your dog will always be able to run clear of your front wheel.

Long tail Cargo Bike

Sometimes you need more than an attachment to ensure that your dog can ride comfortably with you. In certain scenarios, you may need to go bike shopping in order to find the perfect fit. And long tail cargo bikes may be just the thing you are searching for. Much like a dog trailer, this kind of setup will allow you to pull your dog along on the trip. However, the big difference is that you will not have to attach anything to your bike--the cargo area comes built into the bike. These bikes are very similar to normal bikes, except their back wheels have been moved back about 10 to 15 inches so the extended area behind the seat gives you the ability to store things--usually up to 30 lbs.

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility. This is especially the case when it comes to ensuring that he or she gets the right amount of exercise and rest as well. The good news is that you can always exercise together. And the better news is that you don't have to worry about yours or your dog's safety if you are aware of the best products. Luckily there are a lot of different options out there. The goal is to choose one that best suits your dog's needs. With a little research and trial and error, you should find the perfect solution for you and your furry friend.

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