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Gone are the days when bikes used to be a source of enjoyment, alone. With the advent of technology, people demand everything from their bike. While some of these demands are frivolous, others, such as carrying stuff, are more legitimate.

Since people use their bikes to go everywhere, they demand that bike manufacturers provide more space to carry stuff. However, as you might know, bike manufacturers seem to be putting little heed to this advice. Consequently, if you want to carry more stuff on a bike, you need to do it yourself.

Don’t know how? You need not worry as we’ve sorted you out.

How to Carry More Stuff on a Bike

Method # 1: Add a basket

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, adding a basket on the front of your bike seems to be a good idea. However, before going out there and buying a basket, take a detailed look at the handlebars of your bike. For, it is the handlebar which would decide which type of basket suits your bike the best.

For example, if your bike has a “drop handlebar”, it is bad news for you since these handlebars don’t normally provide any space for a basket. Other than this handlebar, all the others could be used to attach a basket.

Also, when you’ve attached a basket to the handlebar, give yourself some time to get acclimatized to its presence. For, a basket would increase the load of the steering and it might take some time to get used to it.

Method # 2: Add a Rack

A no-brainer, adding a rack might not be as inexpensive as that of a basket. As, while most baskets cost less than $20, prices of racks range from $25 to $100. However, as suggested by their price tags, racks are worth their price.

In addition to strapping things directly to them, you could also attach baskets to the racks. Also, if you’ve attached a basket, you can put your backpack, tote, or even purse in it.

Method # 3: Add bungies

If you’re unsure what bungies are, they are straps which could be attached to the bottom of the bike seat. Thus, even if you’ve installed a basket and a rack, you could still add bungies to your bike.

Provided that you don’t want to spend money on bungies, below mentioned are the steps which with you could make one at home. Have a look.

- Take an old bike tube

- Cut it in half

- Remove the valve

- Tie knots to the tube

Note: Bungies are great but they do have a shortcoming. Sometimes, you might attach a thing with a bungee which is dangling near the wheels. Hence, beware of adding any such materials.

Method # 4: Use a Rucksack

Although there is a large range of rucksacks available in the market, the one which enamors me the most is the hiking daypack. They attach closely to your back and you could carry a LOT of materials in them. However, if you over-fill them, they could be uncomfortable.

Method # 5: Attach a trailer

Unless you’re not planning to go uphill – which rules out the option of adding a trailer, trailers are in vogue among cycling enthusiasts. Also, if you feel that the trailer is stopping you from driving freely, you could unhitch the trailer.

final verdict

However, there is a shortcoming to attaching a trailer: they are heavy and expensive. Also, when you’d be locking the bike, you would also need to take the trailer into consideration.

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