Best Hybrid Bikes 2017 – Reviews and Expert Advice

Best Hybrid Bike

Looking for the Best Hybrid Bikes of 2017? Want to have an ideal combination of price and quality? Hoping to find a bike which won’t ditch you midway? If your answer to any of these questions is in the affirmative, congrats, you’ve arrived at the go-to place for bike buffs.

In addition to providing you the reviews of the 10 best hybrid bikes of 2017, we are going to answer various of your queries regarding the hybrid bikes. Thus, be it the question of what a hybrid bike is, its usefulness, the features, specifications, comfort or the price factor, all of these factors would be addressed in the upcoming paragraphs. All you have to do is to sit tight.

Ready? Let’s take you through a joyride of the best hybrid bikes.

What is a hybrid bike?

As suggested by their name, hybrid bikes belong to the one-fits-all category of sports vehicles. Whether you use them for going to the office or you plan recreating trips among them, the best hybrid bikes will never let you down.

Setting the rhetoric apart, hybrid bikes can be used both for simple roads as well as mountainous terrains. How? Well, in order to meet the challenges offered by a single road, a typical hybrid bike consists of a flat handlebar. Using these handlebars, you could turn the bike in any direction with little effort.

As for the mountainous terrains, these bikes have 700cc bike wheels. When combined with a flat handlebar – these wheels provide better visibility and have a wider gear range. Thus, if you’re planning to go uphill on a bike – and have the stamina to do so, hybrid bikes have the ability to accompany you throughout the journey.

However, as you might guess, the hybrid bike which would accompany you in city traffic might not be able to carry you uphill. Consequently, hybrid bikes are classified on the basis of their functions. While some of them are optimized for fitness or comfort, others are designed as commuter, city and cross bikes. Having a difficulty in understanding the difference? Have a look at various types of hybrid bikes.

  • Road Bikes: Designed to be ridden on fast and smooth pavements, these bikes have smooth tires and drop handlebars. Since they are designed for carrying you through the traffic, they’re typically lightweight, making them unsuitable for carrying heavy loads.
  • Cross bikes: These bikes have a frame similar to those of the racing bicycles. Their handles are upright and have semi-treaded tires. These tires are typically 700cc wheels and have a wider diameter. Consequently, you can use them on dirt roads, gravel, and in shallow mud.
  • Commuter bike: If you’re looking for a bike which would take you from home to office, commuter bikes are a must-have. Integrated with derailleur gears, 700cc wheels, 28mm tires, fenders, and a frame, these bikes could carry light loads over small distances. Lastly, if you’re willing to pay some extra money, some commuter bikes also contain front and rear lights for traveling in low light hours.
  • Trekking bike: As you might guess from their names, these are the bikes which would carry you uphill. Moreover, some people believe that trekking bikes are the one and only hybrid bikes. Containing all the features of the best hybrid bikes, they have linear pull breaks, mudguards, panniers, adjustable rise stems and suspension seat pillars. All in all, they offer the best value for price in hybrid bikes. However, looking at their features, one could easily guess that they’re the most costly hybrid bikes.

Who is this Guide for?

Although we’ll dive into the intricacies of the best hybrid bikes, we’ll keep it simple. In the case of the relative novices, this guide will provide them certain things to look out for when buying a hybrid bike. By understanding those things, the newcomers would be in a better position to land a bike which would suit their purpose well.

As for the veterans, there’s a reason why they’re veterans. Although they might know most of the things which we’re going to mention in the upcoming verses, there’s a very good chance that they will encounter something new, refreshing in the upcoming lines. Hence, if you’re a veteran, this article would hone your skills.

Hence, whether you have a multi-year experience of driving bikes – or are just trying your luck for the first time, this guide will prove to be equally beneficial for you.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Hybrid Bikes


Frames are the central skeleton around which the whole of the bike is built. In the good old days, they were made from steel. While it was durable and tough, steel was heavy. Hence, in the case of hybrid bikes, the steel frames have been replaced by carbon or aluminum.

Despite the obvious difference in their price – carbon frame is usually expensive, I personally see no distinction between the carbon and the steel frame. Thus, unless you aren’t after a top-class bike, I would suggest going for the aluminum frame. It is strong, smooth, and offers resistance to rust.

There are four different frame materials: High tensile steel, aluminum, Carbon-fiber, and chromoly steels. Shedding light on them one by one, the high tensile steel frames are strong, affordable and offers a nice ride. However, they weight more and aren’t rust resistant.

The Aluminum frames, however, are rust resistant in addition to carrying all the qualities of the high-tensile steel frames. One drawback of aluminum frames is that they cost more than high tensile steel frames.

As for the carbon fiber frames, they are the most expensive ones which you would find in the market. As their price tag might suggest you, they are strongest, lightest and offers a brilliant ride.

Lastly, in Chromoly steel frames, you’ll get a frame at highly affordable price. However, just like their high-tensile steel counterparts, they aren’t rust resistant. Hence, you have to take great care of them for long lasting usage.


 In stark contrast to the racing and mountain bikes – both of whom consists of foam covered seating, the best hybrid bikes have padded seats. Other hybrid bikes, although they are expensive, contain suspension seat posts. These seat posts will absorb the shock your bike will be exposed to when it passes over an elevated object.


If you ask me, I’m that “tough” guy who prefers no suspension on his bikes. The reason is simple: these bikes cost less. However, if you could afford to pay extra money, I would recommend the front suspension forks.

These forks compress themselves when they take a shock, hence mitigating the effects of bumping up and down. More importantly, they will ensure that your hands remain on the handlebars when you bang your head against an object.

Lastly, in choosing the suspension, also keep an eye on its weight. While weight is certainly not a glamorous feature to look forward to, it still could differentiate an ordinary bike from an extraordinary one. Remember, the lightweight a suspension, the better it will be.


The number of gears in your bike is directly related to the area in which you’ll drive it. For example, if you’re planning to drive your hybrid bike in Manhattan, one gear would be more than enough. However, if you’re planning to go up and down the hills, your bike will need more gears. It goes without saying that the greater the number of gears, the more expensive a bike is likely to be.

However, as you might guess, the gearing system is directly proportional to the price of the bike. In other words, the greater the number of gears on a bike, the higher its price will be. Hence, much to our dismay, it all comes down to the price once again.


For a person who always gets late for office, lack of brakes might prove to be deadly for me. Hence, I always insist on those hybrid bikes which have disc brakes. These disc brakes give me greater control over the bike. More importantly, they also provide the same “luxury” in muddy and wet conditions. However, if you aren’t like me, then linear brakes – which come built-in on most bikes, would do the trick for you.


No matter what the shopkeeper has told you, remember one thing: all hybrid bikes are attuned for mudguards. This is not to say, however, that all of them do contain mudguards. In fact, apart from the high-priced ones, not many hybrid bikes contain them. Thus, if you’re planning to carry your bike through mud trails and gravel roads, only then invest on mudguards.

10 best hybrid bikes Review

Now that we have settled various queries regarding the best hybrid bikes, let’s take a look at the ones which we have selected for you.

Schwinn Men's Wayfarer Hybrid Bike 

Schwinn Men's Wayfarer Hybrid Bike

Coming from the world renowned brand of Schwinn, one thing which lured me towards this bike is its lifetime warranty. As long as you own this bike yourself, Schwinn is offering a lifetime warranty. Thus, if you spend your money on this bike, you have got nothing to lose. As for the ride, I could guarantee that you would love the ride of this bike. Moreover, it comes in three different colors i.e. blue, gray and Navy.


If you’re getting late for office or want to reach home early, these 7-speed shifters will make sure that you do just that. However, if you plan to go slow, these speed shifters would benefit you equally.

We know that rust could be a problem. Apart from ruining the outer appearance of the bike, it could also derail its performance. Thankfully, Schwinn knew it as well. Consequently, they have come up with an alloy front.

Another area which this bike seems to have taken into account is protecting your clothes. By providing a rear bike rack, fenders, and chain guard, you could enjoy the ride without any doubts of your clothes stuck in the chain of the bike.

Lastly, when this bike will arrive, there would be three main things which you need to assemble: saddle, front wheel, and handlebars. As you might guess, the shipping will also carry instructions. Hence, assembling these parts would be a cinch.

​>>>> Customer Reviews On Amazon <<<<


  • Low Price.
  • Perfect for casual city rides.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • 7-speed shifters.
  • Rear brakes.


  • Shifting is not reliable due to rear-derailleur.


If you’re not willing to spend over the odds on a hybrid bike – but still want to get the best possible item in return, I would recommend this bike.

Schwinn Discover Men's Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels)

Schwinn Discover Men's Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels)

If you desire a bike which is hassle free, provides a great and comfortable ride, and are willing to pay the extra money, the Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike from Schwinn deserves your attention. Weighing 46-pounds, this bike basically comes in a black color. As for the ride, it has been optimized for road travel. Thus, this bike is a perfect combination of performance, freedom, and innovation.


While alloy frame can block rust for some time, it eventually catches rust. Hence, if you want a bike which NEVER catches rust, the Discover Men’s Hybrid bike with an aluminum frame would do just that.

As for the comfort, this bike comes with a suspension fork and a Schwinn alloy crank. When combined, both these accessories would ensure seamless rides for you.

In terms of gears, this bike has 21-speed SRAM grip shifters. Thus, as you might guess from its description as a road bike, this bike will provide you ultimate freedom in terms of road speed.

Also, if you’re planning to go on a long ride on this bike, its swept-back upright handlebar would allow you to do just that. As you might have seen in the Tour de France, you can rest on these handlebars, even while driving.

Lastly, this bike contains linear pull brakes. While not the best brakes in the industry, they serve the purpose really well.

​>>>> Customer Reviews On Amazon <<<<


  • Rust resistant Aluminum frame.
  • Absolute comfort with a suspension fork.
  • Swept-back upright handlebar.
  • Rear gear carrier.
  • Can be used for hauling stuff home.


  • General instructions regarding assembling the parts are vague.


With adjustable handlebars, a brilliant assembly and a perfect suspension fork, this bike is a must-have for the hybrid bike enthusiasts.

Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike

Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike

Coming with stainless spoke rims, a triple crankset, a 33 inches inseam, and an overall weight of around 29.5lbs, it is safe to say that this bat is not heavy. Coming in two different sizes – a rarity for the best hybrid bikes, this bike won’t cost more than the aforementioned one. As for the color, it comes in a mixture of red and black, making this bike a treat for the eyes. Also, if you want to gift it to someone, Amazon are offering a gift-wrap.


As I’ve told you earlier, 700cc wheels are the norm when it comes to best hybrid bikes. This bike is no different as it has followed the standard route in terms of tire size.

As for the frame, although it is made up of rust-resistant aluminum, it isn’t up right. Rather, it is more spread in the horizontal direction. Hence, you might not get the comfort which you normally gets with upright handlebars.

However, what this bike lacks in handlebars, it has compensated in terms of gears. By providing 21-speed Shifting mechanism, this bike is both for the speed lovers and the slow riders.

Finally, if you are under 6’, Giordano recommend the medium sized version. However, citing a major drawback, this bike doesn’t contain any models for those less than 5’7’’. Hence, make your selection wisely.

​>>>> Customer Reviews On Amazon <<<<


  • Comes in two different sizes.
  • Aluminum frame.
  • 21-speed shifting mechanism.
  • Moves through the gears flawlessly.
  • Lightweight.


  • Some issues need sorting out when you start assembling this bike.


If you are planning to order this bike, be ready of fixing some issues which could arise up front. While these issues don’t arise for every buyer, most have raised the same complaints.

Schwinn Men's Network 3.0 700C Wheel Men's Hybrid Bicycle White, 18' Frame size

Schwinn Men's Network 3.0 700C Wheel Men's Hybrid Bicycle White, 18' Frame size

After flirting with Giordano, we turn our attention back to Schwinn. Being the 2nd most inexpensive bike in our review thus far, a mere glance at the features of this bike would suggest it as a steal. With an 18’ frame size, 700cc tires, and a padded comfort style seat, this bike is perfect for those who want to travel on it inside the city. The street tires are narrow and I don’t think you would want to take a chance with them on wet pavements.


Although this isn’t a feature – in the true sense of the word, the fact that this bike comes with the lifetime warranty of Schwinn deserves applause. Hence, you have got nothing to lose.

As for the real features, this bike comes with an aluminum frame and a suspension fork. Thus, while the frame would protect the outer appearance of the bike – since it’s rust free, the suspension fork will take care of your comfort level.

As for the gears, this bike comes with a 21-speed rear derailleur integrated. Needless to say, such a wide range of gears would prove to be enough for you.

The alloy rims are strong and lightweight, giving you quick front release. As for the handlebar, it is swept right back, making it comfortable for you to ride this bike in upright riding position. One thing which hasn’t been mentioned – but is there on the bike, is that it contains two additional mounts. Thus, if you’re planning to mount a water bottle, a rear rack, or a bike pump, these two additional mounts would come handy.

Lastly, with linear pull breaks, Schwinn probably decided to employ some cost cutting measures. Other than that, every other feature of this bike is good.

Finally, we turn our attention to the assembling. Thankfully for me, this bike comes with most of its equipment pre-assembled. However, you would have to add seat, pedals, front tire, and handlebars.

​>>>> Customer Reviews On Amazon <<<<


  • It is fast.
  • Size is adjustable.
  • Lightweight.
  • The fork would readily absorb bumps.
  • Seat is triangle shaped, make it a good lifting point for bike carrying.


  • If you have a heavier build, the thin tires of this bike might pose a problem.


Coming in a brilliant white color, this bike contains all the features of those high-priced bikes. However, as you might guess from its price, it isn’t too costly.

Schwinn Capital 700c Men's Hybrid Bicycle, Medium frame size, gray

Schwinn Capital 700c Men's Hybrid Bicycle, Medium frame size, gray

While you may think that we’re giving you an overdose of Schwinn hybrid bikes, this bike is different thanks to its alloy V brakes. Installed in front and rear tires, these breaks will allow you to stop the bicycle suddenly, and more importantly, securely. While the price is no doubt on the higher side, a mere glance at the aforementioned features would justify the price tag.


First of all, similar to the entire Schwinn hybrid bicycle series, this bike contains a suspension fork. This suspension fork, apart from providing a comfortable ride, will make the ride more efficient.

Secondly, this bike contains a 21-speed EZ fire shifters with a rear derailleur. When combined together, this arrangement will allow you precise gear shifting.

Thirdly, Schwinn seems to justify the price tag with a soft hybrid seat. This hybrid seat will not only provide you a suspension seat post as well as ultimate comfort.

Finally, if you’re a fan of high profile rims – but don’t have the financial muscle to satiate your appetite, this bicycle contains high profile rims.

​>>>> Customer Reviews On Amazon <<<<


  • Alloy V brakes allow you to stop the bicycle securely.
  • A soft hybrid seat for comfortable ride.
  • Stylish alloy wheels with high profile rims.
  • A suspension fork for efficient rides.


  • Price is bit on the higher side.


If your pocket allows you to, I would recommend going for this particular bike. With some state of the art features, this bike has all the credentials of the high-tech hybrid bikes.

Schwinn Men's Siro 700c Hybrid Bicycle, Black, 18-Inch Frame

Schwinn Men's Siro 700c Hybrid Bicycle, Black, 18-Inch Frame

Grown tired of the traditional Schwinn hybrid bikes? Looking for something different, yet similar from the same company? Well, it looks like your wish has come true. In the shape of this bike, Schwinn – by retaining all the essential features of its traditional hybrid bikes, have added some new ones as well. Moreover, as it comes at the same price, you won’t have to go that extra mile for getting your hands on this bike.


This bike comes with an aluminum multi-purpose frame with Schwinn which is supported with a suspension fork. The frame is multi-purpose in a sense as it would allow you to turn this bike into a road bike, a fitness geek, and a mountainous one as well.

Taking a look at the handlebar, Schwinn has done really well to make it customizable. For example, if you feel that the height of the handlebar isn’t OK for you, you can change it per your liking.

Thirdly, if your path from office to home is riddled with bumps and potholes, the suspension comfort seat of this bike would absorb all the shocks.

Lastly, this bike contains high profile rims and alloy linear pull brakes.

​>>>> Customer Reviews On Amazon <<<<


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Multi-purpose frame.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Linear pull brakes.


  • Bit heavy.


If you are looking for three different hybrid bikes for rides on road, dirt, and on mountainous terrains, buying this bike alone would serve your purpose.

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike

If you feel that the above-mentioned bikes do not contain the state of the art features, this bike from Diamondback would surely serve your purpose. Coming at a decent price, this bike has all the features which you could dream of in a high-end bike. As for the price, you would have to cough up a decent amount to land this beauty.


The aluminum hybrid frame of this bike is sporty. As a result, it is strong and sturdy at the same time. Moreover, it won’t catch rest any soon.

Also, if you’re a fan of smooth riding, the 63mm sports comfort front suspension of this bike would provide you just that. Too bad that Diamondback didn’t integrate it in the rear tire.

Moreover, while the term “multi-purpose” isn’t mentioned in the title of this bike, a mere glance at its drive-train – which is integrated with a Steel Arm Crank, makes it just that. For example, when you’re driving up the hill, the Shimano Components would allow you a comfortable ride. On a road, meanwhile, dial-up speed would come to your rescue.

Gear changes are one area where even the best hybrid bikes sometimes deceive. However, not this one. With a Shimano EZ Fire 7 Speed shifter, you would be able to effortlessly change the gears of this bike.

Lastly, we turn our attention to the handlebars. They are in an upright riding position, giving you easy access to brake levers and shifters.

​>>>> Customer Reviews On Amazon <<<<


  • A 63mm Sports Comfort Front Suspension offers smooth riding.
  • Quick and effortless gear change mechanism.
  • Easy access to brake levers and shifters thanks to steel rise handlebar.
  • Suitable both for uphill and flat roads drive.


  • Extremely Costly.


Coming in two different sizes – small and medium, this bike is going to cost you lots of money. However, provided that you could spend it, its running cost is close to zero.

Kent Avondale Men's Hybrid Bicycle with Sure Stop Brakes, 700c

Kent Avondale Men's Hybrid Bicycle with Sure Stop Brakes

Made up of a 6061 frame, this bike from Kent Avondale is one of the most inexpensive bikes in our review. Moreover, if you live in the contiguous states in the US, you can also take advantage of its free delivery from Amazon. Also, if you’re lightweight and have a short build, this bike would work perfectly for you.


Starting from the very top, this bike comes with adjustable upright handlebars. These handlebars could be adjusted in three different positions. Moreover, the steam of this bike is also adjustable.

As for the seat, it isn’t the most comfortable one which you could get for this price. Therefore, you might have to replace it to get more comfort.

Another notable feature of this bike is the sure-stop single lever braking system. Applicable progressively, this system would apply breaks first to the rear than the front tires. Consequently, the bike will stop seamlessly.

As for the tires, they are designed for pavements. However, while its manufacturers might say otherwise, the tires aren’t ideal for soft dirt.

Finally, this bike comes with no fenders. Thus, if you live in a place like Nevada, this feature shouldn’t bother you much.

​>>>> Customer Reviews On Amazon <<<<


  • Inexpensive.
  • Light aluminum frame.
  • SureStop lever breaking system for progressive brakes.
  • Offers 21-speed capability.
  • Very easy to assemble.


  • Isn’t fit for shot dirt.


Although the range of features which this bike offers is limited, a mere glance at the price tag suggests that this bike provides good value for the price.

XDS Men's Cross 300 24-Speed Hybrid Bicycle, 52cm, Metallic Grey

Kent Avondale Men's Hybrid Bicycle with Sure Stop Brakes

A relatively new bike in the market, this bike offers one thing which you couldn’t normally find in hybrid bikes: the 24-speed (gearing system). Coming in metallic gray color, XDS have taken a bold step with the price of this bike. However, if you are willing to pay over the odds for a new bike, this bike is definitely for you.


Getting rid of aluminum frames – which seem to have become a norm for best hybrid bikes, XDS decided to install alloy hybrid frame in this bike. Despite the fact that it is 52cm in length, it is lightweight.

When it comes to the shock absorbing capability of this bike, XDS have allowed no roam for any such concerns. By installing shock absorbent RST suspension forks, they have made sure that your ride would remain comfortable.

According to the general perception, alloys don’t seem to be the materials which can fight rust. However, according to the description from XDS, this bike has been made from rust-resistant components.

Alloy rims is another area where XDS have innovated in this bike. By installing double-wall alloy rims – which rarely get damaged, they have increased the durability of this bike.

Finally, while it is advertised in a 52cm frame, this bike offers another size in 46cm. Thus, if you’re 5’5’’ or taller, this bike would suit you perfectly.

​>>>> Customer Reviews On Amazon <<<<


  • Lightweight.
  • Strong durable alloy rims.
  • Comes in different sizes.
  • Rust-resistant alloy.


  • Expensive.


Despite the fact that this bike is very expensive, a mere glance at the features suggests that it doesn’t contain those high-end features which are normally associated with such price.


Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Insight 1 Complete Performance Hybrid Bike

Finishing off our review, we have decided to include this gem of a bike from Diamondback. Although it is originally designed for persons in the range of 5’10’’ – 6’, it can fit persons much taller than the prescribed height. With a perfect gearing system, a comfortable seat, and a substantial hand grip on handlebars, this bike deserves every penny of its price tag.


Starting from the handlebars, they aren’t the same upright or laid back ones which you would normally find in many hybrid bikes. Instead, they are spread in the horizontal direction. While this feature might be seen as a shortcoming, it isn’t. Having tried this bike myself, I could testify that the handlebars are perfect for anyone wanting to have a complete control over the bike.

Secondly, the brakes offer a brilliant stopping power. Having said that, you might have to take them to the mechanic to provide the rear brakes with more grip.

Thirdly, as you can get from its price, Diamondback has left no stone unturned in their quest of providing extreme comfort in this bike. The seat is no different as it comes with a shock absorbing mechanism.

​>>>> Customer Reviews On Amazon <<<<


  • Comfortable seat.
  • Well-positioned handlebars.
  • Wheels have refractors.
  • Tires provide good grip.


  • Rear brakes fail to provide a good grip.


Being a classic combination of everything (quality, comfort, and durability) but the price, this bike is a must-have if you can afford its capital cost.

How We Chose the Best Hybrid Bikes?

Top Quality was our priority 

In our quest of choosing the best hybrid bikes for you, we placed quality as the supreme factor. Quality, as a word, has been overused these days. However, as you’ll see in the upcoming paragraphs, it has been justified in our reviews.

With quality, comes durability, strength, comfort, and long lasting usage. Hence, instead of looking for these factors separately, we identified them as a common factor.

Practical designs

If you aren’t aware of the prices of hybrid bikes, I would recommend taking a trip to the market. There, you are likely to find the best hybrid bikes for astronomical prices. Reason? Most of them come with high-tech gadgets – which you won’t use in your lifetime.

Hence, by keeping aside these high-tech gadgets, we went for those accessories which you would need on the road. Consequently, the price automatically went south.


Similar to you, we wanted the best hybrid bikes at the lowest possible prices. However, as you might guess, this wasn’t possible. Hence, we decided to make a compromise. We have gone for those bikes who have a little higher capital cost. In return, their running cost is negligible.

In simple words, while you’ll be paying a little over the odds up front, these bikes won’t cause you a dime if you treat them decently.


Of the 10 best hybrid bikes which we have reviewed, not one of them come in a single gear system. The reason for this “discrimination” against single gear is simple: single gears aren’t worthy of your money.

If you have read the article carefully, you might have noticed that hybrid bikes are a combination of road and mountainous bikes. They are master of all terrains with no discrimination. However, if we have decided to go for a single gear, we would have made discrimination. Hence, by going for multiple gears, we decided to choose the best bike for you.

Rust resistant MOC 

For a person who has been driving bikes for more than a decade now, I could still remember vividly the horrors of having rust accumulating on my bike. In addition to destroying the outer appearance of the bike, dust also affects its performance. Hence, keeping my personal experience under consideration, we have decided to go for those hybrid bikes which are made up of rust resistant materials.

There is one common misconception which we feel necessary to address when it comes to rust. Ask the general folk, and they will tell you that only aluminum could be rust resistant. While this “fact” could be held true in the case of windows, the best hybrid bikes are a different ball game.

Hence, while some of the aforementioned hybrid bikes are made up of aluminum, others are made up of alloys. However, not one of them is made up of material which isn’t rust resistant.


It doesn’t matter for which purpose you’re spending money on a hybrid bike, we believe that comfort should define your journeys. Hence, we have gone for those bikes which provide the utmost comfort using the state of the art suspension forks. These suspension forks, in turn, would absorb shocks.

Thus, whether you’re driving on a solid pavement or your path is riddled with potholes and bumps, these bikes would provide you the best comfort in all possible rides.

Factors to consider for hybrid bikes


If you want to have the epitome of comfort while driving a hybrid bike, it is essential that you choose its size very carefully. To do so, there are some things which you need to take into account.

Firstly, we turn to the manufacturer recommendations. Most manufacturers recommend that you choose the bicycles according to your size. To do so, measure your height while standing against a wall. For example, if you’re 5’8’’, go for a bike which has a size of 18’’.

Secondly, if you want to be more accurate, measure your inside length. To do this, stand against a wall and measure the distance from the top of your hipbone to your toe. Afterward, use this bike sizing calculator. I’m sure you’ll end up with the perfect bike size for yourself.

Lastly, if you don’t believe in analytics, stand on top of your bike and make sure that both of your feet are touching the ground. If they don’t, the bike is too large for you.

The quality or Price

Frankly speaking, after reading this review, you’ll end up with a bike which would provide the best value for money. However, if you’re going to find the hybrid bikes yourself, make a checklist of the things which you want to see in your hybrid bikes.

Afterward, against the checklist, note down the price on which the hybrid bikes are available. Finally, you could make your selection taking both quality and price into account.

Your riding style

Although ordinary bikes are limited in their application, the best hybrid bikes will give you an all-around performance. However, having said that, go for those hybrid bikes which suit your driving style.

For example, if you’re an introvert, go for that bike which has thin tires, few gears, some (but not all) high-tech features, and costs less. While you won’t need the high tech gadgets, the thin tires would allow you to drive the bike on solid pavements. Once you have made your choice, beware that this bike might not be able to help you too much on soft grounds.

Next, if you believe that your bike should do more than to impress your neighbors, go for exactly the opposite. As you will see in the aforementioned reviews of the best hybrid bikes, some of them offer gears as high as 26-system. As you might guess, gears aren’t the only area which separates an ordinary hybrid bike from the best ones. With extra comfort using suspension forks, upright handlebars, rear and front braking systems, the best hybrid bikes are the master of all trades. Hence, if you can afford to pay a little more money upfront, you would end up with a bike which would suit all riding styles, without making any sort of discrimination.


Let’s be honest. Not all of us would go for the hybrid bikes with the same purpose. While some of us would like to take them to work, others, like me, would only take them out on weekends. Hence, depending on how you plan to choose them, make your selections accordingly.


Regardless of any type of hybrid bikes, most hybrid bikes come with 700cc tires. This is due to the fact that these tires would take you seamlessly through small bumps without noticing. Moreover, these tires also provide easy acceleration for uphill traveling.

Note that some artful sales guy might try to lure you towards those hybrid bikes which have big mountain tires. While these tires look good from the outside, they will do the same function as the 700cc bikes – despite costing more.

Apart from the 700cc tires, some hybrid bikes – especially the classic ones, also contain 40- 50cc tires. Since speed was not a huge factor back then, these type of tires majorly concentrates on providing comfort.

The Budget Pick

If you have decided to go for the best hybrid bikes, remember one thing: they are not the cheapest in the market. There is a reason why they’re a combination of road and mountainous bikes and their owners know it. However, having said that, their prices are way short of being astronomical. Provided that you are able to pay a little higher than the ordinary bikes, you could get your hands on the best hybrid bikes.

Most expensive bike: Diamond bicycles 2016 Edgewood Complete hybrid bike.

Least expensive: Schwinn Men’s Wayfarer Hybrid Bike.

Best in my opinion

In choosing the best hybrid bike – in my opinion, my vote goes for the Schwinn Capital 700cc Men’s Hybrid bicycle, which comes in medium sized gray frame.

Firstly, as you can concur from the factors which we kept supreme in our selection of the best hybrid bikes, comfort was kept supreme. Thankfully, the soft hybrid seat of this bike – which comes with a suspension seat post, offers exactly that. Moreover, with springs in its buildup, the shock absorbing mechanism of the seat is immaculate. Hence, it was a joy to ride this particular bike.

Secondly, and more importantly, this bike provides the best value for money – again, in my opinion. Costing just under $300, this bike isn’t certainly the most inexpensive in the market. However, when you take a look at its features, I expect you to agree with my judgment.

Thirdly, the V brakes also lured me towards this bike. With an apology to bike manufacturers, most of them assemble their bikes with brakes which are better if they don’t act. However, with the integration of alloy V-brakes in both the front and rear tires, Schwinn has made sure that this bike would stop securely.

Lastly, I’ve no shame in admitting that I’m a fan of high profile rims in hybrid bikes. However, while most hybrid bikes cost staggeringly high, they don’t offer this particular feature. Thankfully for me, the alloy wheels of this bike come with high profile rims. Hence, you won’t have any need to take this bike to the garage just to change the rims.


As you might have concurred from the above-mentioned reviews, the best hybrid bikes aren’t the ones which cost the most money. Rather, they are the ones which offer the most features at the best possible price. This distinction is due to the fact that we see hybrid bikes as all-around bikes. When we’re going to pay for them, what we are expecting is a bike which is as proficient on the road as it would be on an uphill terrain. Thus, unless the number of features isn’t large, even the best hybrid bikes would fail to meet this criterion.

However, it is needless to say that your choice can differ from mine. In case it does, please feel free to give your comments in the suggestion box. Also, if you feel that another hybrid bike should have been included in this review, please drop your suggestions as well.

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